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  1. This is really interesting! It reminded me of an interview I saw on The Colbert Report and had to look up. Have you heard of the Terreform 1 project? It’s very much in the same vein, but in trees, rather than hobbit-holes.

    Here’re the links to the website, and Dr. Mitchell Joaquim’s interview with Stephen Colbert.

  2. Marley Baird on Sauron's Diary
    7:40 am, 10.16.09

    I laughed so hard I spit water at “Sad Day! Sucks for Saruman! He had an awesome crib.”

    This sounds almost exactly like what Sauron would be writing, were he a 14-year-old girl on MySpace. As serious as Tolkien’s works and LOTR tend to be, it’s pretty wonderful to just have an good ole laugh at Sauron’s expense.

    Although, I must say, Sauron in a bikini? DO NOT WANT.