Sherpas Cinema All.I.Can. Segment-Urban Skiing

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Check out the trailers links below for more great shots!

See All.I.Can Official Teaser –>
See All.I.Can Teaser 2 –>
See All.I.Can Teaser 3 –>

Teaser: Chapman & Sons, Bookbinders

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Anthropologie Cinemagraph

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I love cinemagraphs and how they are still but one thing is moving, its almost unreal. The other day I got an email from Anthropologie and they had a cinemagraph at the top! I know some people were looking at doing this for their project and I just thought this was cool and decided to share :) Justin Hollar is the photographer that made these for Anthro.

Check these out as well:


Out of Focus

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I always enjoy photography with a focused point making the rest of the picture a blur. Here is a link to a photographer who does that and a few tips on how he works to that point.


Learn My Shot: How to Photograph Wine Bottles

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This tutorial was a great help for me when shooting reflective bottles. I really appreciated the step by step process and practical advice of what he does to correct for something when it becomes an issue, like when he uses the vellum to help diffuse his side lights. I feel like that kind of approach, rather than just showing the final lighting set-up, is really helpful for giving aspiring studio photographers a set of tools they can use rather than a pre-set lighting set-up that can only be used for one specific kind of shot.

Kelsi Williamson: Light My World Workshop

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Kelsi is a great friend of mine and a recent ACU graduate who recently traveled to Ethiopia as part of the “Light My World Workshop” with Ester Havens and Austin Mann. Their main focus is humanitarian photojournalism, to capture the society and humanitarian efforts of churches in third world countries. Here is a sample of some of the great photos she was able to capture durring her amazing journey. Take a look!

Sara Kerens

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I recently just read a tweet from Jeff Rodgers about his photographer friend, Sara Kerens. I don’t know her story or hardly anything about her, but her photography is pretty great. She has seemed to have dabbled in just about everything,whether its lifestyle photography or fashion photography. Here is a link to her website and blog, I hope you find her work inspiring like I did.

Before and After

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Skater Portraits

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This Photographer has really impacted the way that I try and shoot my portraits. The grunginess and melancholy feel of all them draws me into the photos. In this project she went around the world and photographed different local skaters. All the subjects are not local and they signed up to be photographed. These shots represent the skateboarding community and it is very interesting to see how much in common skaters around the world have. View her work here.

Two Pair Photgraphy

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Tressie and Chad Zellner are two of the best portrait and lifestyle/wedding photographers I have ever seen! Best of all there are based right here in Abilene and are both ACU alumnus. I’ve had the privilege to be great friends with them and able to share their work.  I love their use of color, composition as well as great creative expressions and framing. They work great as a team and are ranked up there in the wedding world. Check em out.