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ACU Develops Successful Leaders

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Earning an online graduate degree from a Christian university like ACU can provide a quality education and prepare students to be servant leaders while earning their online graduate degrees and in the workforce. Online graduate degree coursework in many fields includes study of the servant leader as the best leadership style, including graduate degrees in counseling, theology, education, and business. What makes a servant leader special? 

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One element of a servant leader that makes it unique is that it is based on the leadership style of Jesus. Jesus was described as the “Suffering Servant”, one who washed the feet of his disciples and served other people. The servant leader is based on the role model of Jesus, following Jesus’ example in all areas of life, including work toward an online graduate degree and in the workplace.

A servant leader makes ethical decisions at all times in every circumstance. The decisions are based on moral principles, like Biblical standards. The servant leader not only has Biblical values, but he or she also puts those values into action in every aspect of his or her life, including online graduate degree coursework and relationships and the workplace. Like Jesus, a servant leader puts other people first before themselves. People before profits, and people before good grades are the watchwords of the servant leader in work or school.

A student earning an online graduate degree in all fields from ACU will learn the importance of empathetic listening. They will learn to communicate with others from a theoretical view and from practice and experience in empathetic listening and speaking. Listening to others shows concern and caring, an interest in others. In communicating with other students, instructors, and support staff at ACU, role models are created in empathetic communication, as everyone is a servant in attitude and actions. Servant leaders are interested in people, and work to build efficient, effective teams. Students and instructors in the online graduate degree programs at ACU are encouraging and supportive, and they demonstrate warmth and respect, rather than being critical or threatening in their communications. They express appreciation for others, coworkers and fellow students.

Students and leaders in the workplace accept responsibility for their work. They schedule their online graduate degree coursework to make sure that it is done promptly and with excellence. They take responsibility for all of their actions and mistakes. They also take responsibility for taking action when they see a need. Doing good is a desire of servant leaders, and they are committed to doing good. Students enrolled in graduate degree programs at ACU are committed to serving a higher purpose, doing God’s will. As they grow in their role as servant leaders, they will influence fellow students and others they encounter in their daily walk.

As one is learning and earning a graduate degree, it is human nature to become egotistical and express feelings of superiority. However, at online Christian universities like ACU, students focus on demonstrating humility. They accept that they do not know it all, but they consistently seek God’s will for their lives in all activities. Earning an online degree in a Christian environment will show one how to live so that it is pleasing to God, always being honest, trustworthy, and serving others. They will learn to lead, not by ego, but by conscience.

One course that many students take in an online degree program in their area of study is a course in ethics. Many secular high schools and universities teach and promote situational ethics rather than a Biblically based moral code as is taught in Christian universities like ASU. The outcome of this secular education is evident in today’s ethical climate. Surveys done of high school students over time indicate worsening ethical behavior in America. One in three high school boys and one in four of high school girls admitted to stealing from a store in the last year, while in 2006, the numbers were much lower. Nearly half of male high school students and over one-third of high school girls admitted that they lie. Sixty-four percent of high school students cheat on tests sometimes, again well over the percentage who cheated in 2006. Studies also show that high school students who make unethical choices become adults who make unethical decisions. Perhaps the most frightening statistic is that 93 percent of this same group of 30,000 students surveyed said that they were satisfied with their ethics and character.

Attending a Christian university for an undergraduate or graduate degree provides an ethical environment, ethical role models, and solid, Biblically-based ethical standards instruction and examples. Learning ethical behavior standards as part of your online graduate degree coursework transfers into an employee with high ethical standards, one of the top characteristics desired by employers in new hires and leaders. The diploma from an online Christian university like ACU impresses potential employers, as they know ethical behavior is the framework for all studies in the ACU environment.

The web and the prevalence of internet has made the opportunities for unethical behavior greater for those without ethical standards. People can act without responsibility for their actions by acting in anonymity on the web. Social media allows people to criticize and be negative with no real consequences. The dark web tempts people into sins that were not so accessible before the internet made anonymity so easy. The need for ethical instruction based on Biblical principles is greater than ever, and it is the foundation of all instruction at a Christian university like ACU. The community of learners and instructors at ACU set high expectations for academic performance, always following ethical principles. Role models and a community of believers at ACU make the student in an online graduate degree program incorporate ethical behavior into all of his or her activities and experiences. Being infused with Biblically based standards, principles, expectations, and promises make the earning of a graduate degree a positive experience that will provide benefits in students’ personal lives, career paths, and leadership roles throughout their lives.

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  1. Stephen says:

    My ex manager was from ACU and i would say he’s a good leader. To top it off i think his EQ was pretty high to begin with!

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