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Christian Networking in a Secular World

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group of people networkingOne of the most important opportunities available to students in online degree programs at Christian universities is the ability to network with others who are also Christians. Networking is an opportunity to learn from another’s experience and connect with others in a relationship that goes beyond business. At a Christian online university such as ACU, that opportunity outweighs many other benefits of enrolling in an online degree program.

If you take a piece of paper and list technical skills of your best bosses on one side and relational skills on the other side, you will quickly see that the ability to develop relationships with employees, supervisors, and stakeholders in your life is more important than any technical skills. How can you best learn ways to practice Christian relationship building? The answer is, of course, networking with fellow students in online degree programs of like mind, as well as instructors, advisors, and staff at a Christian online university.

One of the issues that is a topic in all online graduate degree coursework is the topic of ethics. Ethical behavior is required for all professionals in all areas of business, education, healthcare, and social work. In trying to commit to an ethical lifestyle, networking with others committed to being ethical in all areas of life is important. There is no better connection to networking with others who place their relationship with God first in their life than the connections one can make at online Christian universities like ACU.

Ethical stewardship is leading others by putting their needs first. With a lifestyle of ethical stewardship, adherence to God’s law comes first, and helping others by putting their needs before anything else is part of this path in life. Putting others, including employees whom you lead, clients, and coworkers, first is not only the ethical path, but Jesus’ path as well. While profit in a business or success in a career is important, what is even more important is living and working ethically. Networking with other students who have the same strong moral ethics is important as you try to maintain ethical stewardship, and you will find that fellow classmates that you network with in your online graduate university coursework will help you to maintain the same strong moral ethics. Networking with alumni and instructors who live in the same way is important as well, and there is no better place to find these networking opportunities than at an online Christian university.

Ethical behavior is difficult to maintain with the temptations of the secular world and the pressure to succeed financially in today’s world. The expectation of loyalty to one’s organization and the layers of bureaucracy in decision making also make it difficult to maintain ethical behavior.  Businesses and other organizations seek to influence ethical behavior in those involved with their organizations by creating ethical codes for their profession and company, hiring managers with MBAs showing ethics courses in their background, and even having ethics offices to oversee ongoing training in ethics. Research has maintained that the best route to improved ethical behavior in people is role models who demonstrate ethical behavior in their dealings. The best way to find role models for ethical decision making is networking with Godly people like those you interact with at online Christian universities in undergraduate and graduate degree programs.

One of the most important elements of maintaining ethical behavior is a willingness to take personal responsibility for one’s actions, and having mentors and others who will hold you accountable for your actions helps one to maintain moral behavior. Another important element in practicing ethics is a belief in a set of moral principles that guide behavior. In online Christian university graduate degree programs, you will find others who also base their moral principles on Godly principles. Networking with those who hold themselves accountable to God’s standards will make maintaining ethical principles in one’s life easier to accomplish. With the awareness of what can and cannot be done in certain situations comes the responsibility to make a choice that is ethically sound even if it is more difficult to accomplish or does not bring monetary or even popular opinion rewards in the short term. Having relationships with those who recognize the vital importance of maintaining ethical behavior, such as those at your online Christian university with whom you network, will help you to continue to place ethics first in your life.

Most people seek to view themselves as ethical in their dealings, but the standards that they use to measure ethical behavior are not based on God’s standards. People can find ways to justify unethical behavior and assure themselves that they had no choice in the matter or that the unethical choice was “best for everyone involved.” Networking with other Christians at a Christian university will help those making decisions to talk through their actions, and realize the responsibility for unethical choices begins with each of us. Whatever the consequences for refusing to act without ethics, those consequences are not worth losing one’s reputation as an ethical person. Networking with others who follow God’s path in their work and personal life will help one continue to see ethics clearly, with actions either right or wrong with no in-between allowable. The situational ethical philosophy that is popular with the secular world is not based on God’s principles, and developing networking opportunities and relationships with those at an online Christian university will help one to maintain standards that are clearly delineated in God’s Word.

While self-deception is commonplace as to one’s ethical or unethical behavior, having Godly mentors such as those found at online Christian universities who are trustworthy will help one remain accountable to God and others for his or her ethical choices. Responsibility to God first and others before oneself is a foundation of living a Godly life and also a path to ethical stewardship in business and personal choices. When you look at incidences of unethical behavior around us, you will see that most occurrences of unethical behavior happen as a result of putting oneself and one’s needs before others, whether it is over clients, students, coworkers, husbands, or wives. Networking with other Christians at a Christian university will help protect against sliding into unethical choices.


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