The doctor is, uh, not in

[Monday] Dr. Jerry Strader, pictured here in happier times, became the third victim of intestinal drama on Sunday afternoon – the day we left Madagascar. He had gone to a nearby church and then to meet with Malagasy Scouting leaders – one of his chief objectives for this trip. A longtime Scouting leader (and former Eagle Scout), he compared notes with his peers until surrendering to the roughest sickness yet experienced by the group. He “reported for duty” when the time came to leave for the airport, but he felt a lot better than he looked, and we gave him a wide berth. He blames his malady on a bacon-wrapped grilled banana from the Commencement reception buffet on Saturday night “that didn’t taste right.” Imagine that. His trip home will feel especially long.

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  1. Posted July 29, 2008 at 3:08 pm | Permalink

    I just hate it when my bacon-wrapped fruit doesn’t taste right.

    Still chuckling,
    mad4books (Class of ’87)

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