10 Questions with David Ramsey from Sochi

The latest most Excellent Adventure of David Ramsey (’81) will end Feb. 23 when the XXII Olympic Winter Games conclude. An award-winning sportswriter for The Gazette newspaper in Colorado Springs, Colo., he is covering his fourth Olympic Games, this time in Sochi, Russia. He writes about professional and collegiate sports in and around Colorado Springs, the home of […]

10 Questions with pole vaulter Billy Olson

The highest-flying Wildcat pole vaulter of all time was Billy Olson (’81), a 1988 U.S. Olympian who  was projected by many to make the 1980 team in Moscow until President Jimmy Carter announced a boycott to protest the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan. He finished seventh in the 1984 Olympic Trials, but was competing on a foot […]

10 Questions with Delloreen Ennis-London

The most accomplished female track and field athlete in Abilene Christian University history is Delloreen Ennis-London (’99), who is a volunteer hurdles coach for her alma mater and a recent inductee to the Lone Star Conference Hall of Fame. She and decathlete/pole vaulter Tim Bright (’83) each competed in three Olympics. Ennis-London comes from the […]

Olympic Diary: Politics, sport often mix

We discovered this rare photograph recently and were amazed at the history it represented. The Olympic Games, for as hard as they work to give sport a venue to overcome politics and international discord, are often prime showcases for them. The Olympic spirit, however, seems to largely find a way to overcome dissension and restore […]

Olympic Diary: Ramsey covers the Games

David Ramsey (’81) is in London covering the Games of the XXX Olympiad for the Colorado Springs Gazette, a newspaper for which he is a featured sports columnist. The award-winning writer covers professional and collegiate sports in and around Colorado Springs, the home of the U.S. Olympic Committee and the Olympic Training Center. He also writes […]

10 Questions with track guru Garner Roberts

Garner Roberts (’70) likes to joke that between the two of them, he and former NFL All-Pro runningback Wilbert Montgomery (’77) scored 70 touchdowns in their Wildcat careers. Wilbert, now an assistant coach with the Baltimore Ravens, scored all the TDs and Garner wrote about each of them in his 25-year role as sports information […]

Olympic Diary: The wide world of ACU sports

A few years ago, I was walking through a terminal in Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport when a man passing by pointed at the purple and white monogrammed shirt I was wearing. “ACU. Great track teams,” he said. As quick as I could turn around, he disappeared into the crowd. The words still resonate, and I […]

Olympic Diary: Earl Young won gold in Rome

The full-color postcard, with a hand-tinted photo-illustration of London’s Buckingham Palace on one side and addressed to “Mr. Robert Hunter, Abilene Christian College, Abilene, Texas USA” on the other, said a lot in just a few handwritten words in 1960: “Dear Bob, Hope you can read this (the bus is bouncin’). Am now in route […]

Olympic Diary: Morrow put ACU on the map

Abilene Christian University (then still a college) and its hometown were the same size before Bobby Morrow (’58) won three gold medals in the 1956 Olympics in Melbourne. But afterward, it seemed like the world discovered both, nearly overnight. Morrow was the star of the U.S. team, “the fastest man in the world” and the […]

Olympic Diary: ACU’s ‘Texas Sports Dynasty’

More than a few jaws dropped around the state when Texas Monthly magazine’s December 1999 issue hit the newsstand. Its cover story was titled “The Best of the Texas Century,” with pony-tailed Willie Nelson (Entertainer of the Century), track star Carl Lewis (Athlete of the Century) and computer mogul Michael Dell (Entrepreneur of the Century) […]

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