Plagiarism Spectrum

Students and faculty alike can struggle with the question of what constitutes plagiarism. Turnitin has developed a helpful teaching tool for you and your students to discuss what they call the Plagiarism Spectrum. The spectrum is visualized in this pdf, along with examples of each type of plagiarism.


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My name is David Christianson. I've long felt that teaching was my calling, and have spent my career teaching both children and adults. Many of the most important lessons for teaching adults, I learned from teaching children (thankfully behavior management is much less of a concern with adults!). I have a B.S. in Communication from Oklahoma Christian University, an M.A. in Communication from ACU, and an M.Ed. in Education, also from ACU. My work with teaching children soon grew into training adults to do the same. As I did this for the Region 14 Education Service Center, I utilized online training, face-to-face training, and distance learning (video chat) to spread the message far and wide. I value technology as a great tool to enhance learning and to address the core of how we learn. I can help with online learning, I have lots of great tricks to use in the physical classroom as well! I feel absolutely blessed to now serve as an Instructional Designer for the Adams Center. If I have learned one thing in my educational service, it is that I love helping others to learn!

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