Activity Insight

Activity Insight is a tool for you to update your academic and professional activities and achievements. Using it eliminates frequent request for information, prepares you for your T&P portfolio, helps you to generate a professional web presence, and generates data for various reports you, your academic department, administrators, and accreditation agencies may need.

To access Activity Insight, go to, and find it from “Quicklinks”.

Training and Help
To learn how to use Activity Insight, please check this training manual, or contact Berlin Fang at To make changes you are restricted from changing directly in Activity Insight, reach out to the contact person listed on the specific page you have trouble with.


Update your web profile

Your web profile can be updated from Activity Insight.  Watch the video below to find out how the two systems work with each other. If you have problems with particular items, use this form to report them.


  1. If you do not choose to re-order your intellectual contributions, performances, and exhibits as shown in the video, the most recent five items will be displayed.
  2. Citation style customization is not yet available. It is being planned in the next stage of ACU’s website development.
  3. If you have an administrative title you would like to display, add the title and description under “administrative assignment” in your Activity Insight home page.
Add items to Digital Commons through Activity Insight
This video will show you how to use Activity Insight to add your published works and scholarly articles to ACU’s digital repository, Digital Commons @ ACU.

Customize your CV

You can use Activity Insight to generate a professional CV.  Please check the following video for details:

Add your publications to Activity Insight