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You’ll find the latest from the Adams Center staff here at the Adams Blog.  The content varies, but the subject is always the same: teaching and learning.

Submit individual student work to Turnitin

Turnitin is a web-based application you can use to check plagiarism and grade student work.  It is integrated in Canvas, which allows instructors to add Turnitin-enabled assignments.  Please see this post here for instructions on how to do it. If you have already...

Sharing course content between colleagues

If you want to share your course either in its entirety or parts (such as rubrics only) with your colleague, you will have to perform a bit of "import and export."  Here is how to do this if you, say, Professor A, want to share your course with Professor B. Step 1:...

Lecturing from the Screen

Instructional videos can help learners to spend extra time on learning tasks. You have probably seen many of your peers using something called “screencasting” to teach. Screencasting allows you to record what is going on on your screen which you would like to show to...

Berlin Fang Receives Award

At the Staff PreSession in August 2018, Berlin Fang, the Adams Center Director of Instructional Design, received one of the two Outstanding Staff Member of the Year awards for the 2017-2018 school year. President Schubert read these words about Berlin before...

Faculty Fusion 2018

Welcome back! Join us as we kick off a year of thinking and learning at Faculty Fusion on Friday, August 17, 2018. Friday morning we'll offer sessions on various teaching strategies, and then, on Friday afternoon, we'll have an extended training session with Sally...

Online Teaching Summer Camp

Teaching in Pajamas: Online Teaching Summer Camp May 29-30, 2018 Online courses are becoming increasingly attractive for colleges due to the flexibility they provide, space they save, and the opportunity faculty have to reflect on multiple modes of delivery. However,...

Summer Faculty Institutes 2018

Summer Faculty Institutes ADVANCING AS AN ACADEMIC: Moving Toward Tenure and Promotion May 15- May 17, 2018 The workshop will be lead by Kara Poe Alexander, Director of the Baylor University Writing Center and accomplished scholar. The sessions will run...

ACU in Leipzig Faculty Workshop

The transformational power of Study Abroad for our students is inextricably linked to place. One of the ways that scholars talk about the theory of “place” is that it sets the stage for human encounters. As ACU students live and study in the communities of Leipzig,...

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