Share course with a colleague

If a colleague wants to share his or her course with you, here are the steps to follow to copy it into your own:

  1. Export: Have your colleague export his or her course, and here are the steps:
    1. Go to settings of the course;
    2. Choose “export course content”;
    3. Choose “course”;
    4. Wait for the export process to complete;
    5. When the process completes, download the content. Do NOT unzip the downloaded file.
  2. Share: Have your colleague share the exported file with you. If the file is large, consider using Google Drive to share it.
  3. Import:  Download the file your colleague have shared with you, and import it into your own course following these steps:
    1. Go to settings of your own course,
    2. Choose “import course content“,
    3. For content type, select “Canvas Course Export Package“,
    4. Click on “choose file“, select the file you downloaded,
    5. Choose “all content” or “select specific content” based on your needs
    6. Choose to “adjust events and due dates” if needed,
    7. Click on “import” to import the course.
    8. Wait for the process to complete.  Do not import multiple times, or it will create duplicate copies that will have to be removed.
    9. After the importing process completes, go to course modules to check if everything is there.
    10. Make necessary adjustments.