Tell a story, with Shadow Puppet

Using Shadow Puppet (similar to Photostory on Windows side) for storytelling invites the use of imagery and narrative in formative and informative ways in teaching, training, and learning. This app lets students put those iPads and smartphones to work collecting pictures, practicing narration, composing self-introductions in an online or face-to-face course, etc.

It is a fun app with lots of practical uses that are easy to create. As you become more comfortable with it, you can also start a story using Shadow Puppet and then add another sound track using iMovie or some other video editing applications.

Here’s a shadow puppet sample.

Here is an article: Shadow Puppet is a new storytelling app for sharing narrated slideshows of your photos

Want to use it in class? Here’s a sample rubric: Shadow Puppet rubric.

From iPad to WePad: Teaching with the iPad as a Tool for Class Collaboration

During the summer we offered a workshop on using iPad in teaching. By popular demand, we are offering a sequel on November 7th on teaching with the iPad. In this hands-on workshop the Adams Center instructional design team will demonstrate five iPad apps that may make a difference in your teaching. At the end of the workshop, we will also ask you to share with us your favorite apps for teaching.

The apps we introduce are:

  • Evernote is an app that allows you to take notes in text, photo, or audio.
  • Socrative is an app that will turn your students’ iPads and yours into a free clicker response system.
  • SoundCloud is a free app that allows you record audio messages to share feedback, announcements, sound clips, etc. You can send them in an email, embed in a course, etc.
  • Shadow Puppet is a free app that lets you select photos on your iDevice, put them in any order you like, then narrate the slide show while you highlight something in the photo with an animated icon, or zoom and move the photo.
  • iCue is a 4.99 app that can function as a teleprompter.