A&E Alumni and Friends Group planning


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It’s been slow getting the A&E Alumni and Friends group going.  But it is going.  Dr. Brokaw is working with Advancement to send a letter out to all alumni.  But since that’s part of the slow going, we thought we’d post it here as well.  We know our alumni include a lot of great people doing good and interesting work.  We really want to see this group grow and prosper.  So please consider joining and talking to other alumni and friends about joining. More »

Introducing (soon to be) Dr. Adam McGee

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The A&E department is very happy to announce that Adam McGee is joining our family after he defends his dissertation in July.  Below is a little introduction from him. More »

Introducing Dr. Kendra Jernigan

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The A&E department is very happy to announce that Dr. Kendra Jernigan is joining our family.  Below is a little introduction from her. More »

Time of Transition

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2018 has turned into a year of major changes for the A&E department. We have known for over a year that our offices and classrooms would be moving from the Hardin Administration building to the newly renovated and remodeled Onstead Science building. We’re now packing up for the move scheduled at the end of June. What we didn’t know a year ago was how much the faces of faculty and staff would change. First, Veronica Schaeffer, our farm manager, got married and moved away in early January. Our new farm manager is Riley Morrow. He’s a 2016 graduate of the department. We’ll feature him in a blog post soon. Then the university offered a number faculty a retirement incentive, and Drs. Ed Brokaw and Jim Cooke decided to take it. They both officially retired this May, but plan to stay connected to the department, even doing some adjunct teaching. Later in the spring, Alex Wann announced that he was leaving ACU. He took a very good position with Samaritan’s Purse, his former employer, and in May he and his wife Carola moved to Boone, NC. Finally, in a cost-cutting move, the university terminated our Administrative Coordinator position, so this week we say good bye to Charlotte Marion. Gaye May, the Administrative Coordinator for Math, will now split her time between Math and A&E. We will greatly miss all these people who have done so much for the department. In the midst of all this, we are adding two new faculty. Adam McGee is a newly minted PhD in Animal Nutrition from Oklahoma State, and Kendra Jernigan received her PhD in Crop Science from Washington State University. They will both be featured in future blog posts as well. So as this department goes through these dramatic changes ,we ask for your prayers so we will be a better, stronger department more committed to God’s service. More »

Sustainable Landscaping Workshop 2018

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Program Sponsored by the ACU Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Department, and the Taylor County AgriLife Extension Service Master Gardener Program. More »

Meet Veronica, the New Farm Manager

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Veronica Shaeffer, AES Rhoden Field Laboratory Farm Manager, (2016–)

  More »

Meet Dr. Jim Carpenter

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Dr. Jim Carpenter, Associate Professor in the ACU AES Department

  More »

A Fresh Start for AES Club


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The 2014-15 school year is well underway and that means a fresh start for the Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (AES) Club. With that fresh start come fresh faces and fresh ideas. This year’s AES Club officers are:
· Kevin Coburn- President
· Will Morales- Vice President
· Brice Benge- Treasurer
· Jamie Gordon- Secretary
· Anna Curby- Reporter
· Cade Deines- Professional Director
· Reece Wells- Social Director
According to AES Club president, Kevin Coburn, the club’s aim this year is to “empower students both professionally and academically through service, spiritual community, and relationships.”
Anna Curby, AES Club reporter, says she is excited to get to capture club events in pictures and hopes to gain more “campus-wide recognition” for the club and department.
A few changes are in store for the AES Club this semester. One of those is the addition of Cade Deines in the new role of Professional Director. Cade’s role is to help members be successful in the classroom and the workplace.
The AES Club will also begin a partnership with the Ben Richey Boys’ Ranch this semester. This is an exciting opportunity to serve in our community and create a lasting relationship with a reputable organization. More »

Wildlife’s OBSESSION with Calvin Klein

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coyoteRecently, the A&E Department has been doing some intriguing research. You might even call it aromatic.

The theory is that Calvin Klein’s fragrance OBSESSION for men can be used to attract wildlife. More »

60th ACU Rodeo Breaks Records

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Four guys wrestling a steer.The 60th Annual ACU Rodeo was one for the record books, setting new highs in attendance and participation! Students, ACU faculty and children alike got in on the action this year.

Zeta Rho took home the gold for girls and the men of Trojans did likewise for the guys. Grace Mason and Connor Mills championed the individual events. The teams of ACU faculty members that competed “did great and were fun to watch,” said Sara Bishop, sophomore animal science major. Four year old, Jake Warner, son of A&E student Kevin Warner, even attempted to ride a goat, said Bryce Gerlach, senior environmental science and wildlife major. More »