Participants in our program can receive tutoring, academic coaching, financial aid advising, financial literacy training, and mentoring relationships.  All of these services are provided to the student at NO cost, thanks to a “Student Support Services” grant from the Department of Education.

Students with disabilities can also receive accommodations to help provide equal access to the academic environment.

Finding Success Means Choosing Success

While we are eager to provide all of our services to every participant, we can only help those who choose to access our services. Our internal data clearly shows that students who use our services regularly (specifically tutoring and academic coaching) graduate at a rate of over 90%.

Finding success can be guesswork – choosing success is a strategy, and Alpha can help you employ a winning strategy.

Individualized Services

Every student has her/his own strengths and challenges.  Alpha works with each student to develop an individualized plan for academic success.  Some students need help in a content area (like math), others need guidance on study skills or academic organization.  Still others need encouragement and a listening ear.

We take the time with each student to find the strengths that will overcome the challenges.

Great Expectations

The staff in Alpha believe in our students – even when our students sometimes have difficulty believing in themselves.  We expect our students to excel, graduate, and even continue academic work beyond graduation.

When a student struggles to see the possibilities in light of their challenges, Alpha holds those expectations, hopes, and possibilities in trust.