Students who have documented disabilities, or come from low-income families, or are first-generation college students are eligible for the Program.  Please refer to the definitions below to see whether you are eligible to apply.

A student may qualify for Alpha as "Disabled" if she/he has a documented disability, or can be reasonably regarded as being disabled.  Documentation for learning disabilities, ADD/ADHD, and other "invisible" disabilities should be a full psychoeducational assessment.  In some cases, ADD/ADHD can be sufficiently documented if the diagnosing physician will complete Alpha's form.  All documentation should be less than three years old, provide specific diagnoses, and include scores and subscores of relevant assessment tools.

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A student may qualify as "Low-Income" when the family income does not exceed 150% of the poverty level as established annually by the U. S. Census Bureau. This is documented by the student’s submission of a signed document that includes the number of dependents in the family and the family taxable income for the most recent year. A copy of the student’s most recent income tax form is requested to support the signed statement, but not required. Additional supporting documents may include a copy of the FAFSA, financial aid data from the Financial Aid Office at ACU, or other data, but are not required.

A student may qualify for Alpha if neither parent has graduated from a four-year college at the time of application to Alpha.  Students who were raised in foster care, or who were homeless, may also qualify.

Admission Info

The Alpha Scholars Program has specific limits imposed by the federal laws authorizing funding.  The Program cannot serve more than 200 students at a time, and also requires the university to assure that the Program meets certain percentages within that 200: a certain percentage must be first generation AND low income, a certain percentage of disabled must be low income, etc.  Additionally, the Program is required to prioritize admission into Alpha based on academic need.  As a result, not all eligible students who apply can be admitted into Alpha.

Students who apply for SSS will be evaluated for academic need, eligibility, and space within the program.  Incoming freshmen will not be admitted to Alpha until September 15th of their status with the Program.  There are three possibilities…

  1. Admission to the program, pending an intake with the Associate Director
  2. Deferred admission to the program, pending room for the eligible student
  3. Ineligible for the Program, and referral to other campus/community resources.

Once a student is admitted, they will remain a participant in the Program unless they discontinue using the services provided.

Disabled students will receive appropriate accommodations regardless of whether they are admitted to the Alpha Scholars Program.