Many of the topics we cover in tutoring and advising have been converted into screencast videos that will help students experience more productivity and efficiency in academic work.  Check here often for updated content!

Using iCal for Task Management

A student recently asked whether he could manage tasks in his iCal.  It turns out, he can!  This video describes a method for tracking tasks in a calendar app.

Evernote – Introduction

This video describes how Evernote can be used for college success, and shows how to get your Evernote set up for the first time.

Evernote – Lecture Notes

This video describes how Evernote can be a useful tool in getting the most out of your lecture notes, with special focus on the Evernote recording tool, and exam preparation from your notes.

Evernote – Research Papers

This video expands upon the uses of Evernote to include doing and writing research.  If you are new to Evernote, you should watch “Evernote – Introduction” first.

Time Management Part 1

This is the first of three episodes on productivity, with special focus on making and keeping commitments with yourself.

Task Management

It is recommended that you watch this video between Time Management Part 1 & 2.  This episode introduces students to David Allen’s “Getting Things Done” method of task management.

Time Management Part 2

This episode deals with taking time to plan, and gives practical tips in developing good time management habits.

Getting Things Done – To-Do Lists

This video was created by “Epipheo” and illustrates the reason why having a task-management system is vital to success.

Online Scheduler

This video shows how students who take their exams in Alpha can sign up for exams online.  Goodbye, purple sheets!

More to come!  New videos will be added to the top of this page.