The staff in the Alpha Scholars Program are committed to ensuring that our students have every possible resource to find academic success.  If you need some time with our professional staff, please consider scheduling a meeting with us so that we can give you direct one-on-one attention.

Click the calendar button next to the staff member’s name to schedule an appointment.

Debbie Stewart

Administrative Coordinator

Ms. Stewart is the glue that holds the whole program together.  While much of her duties relate to the administrative needs of the program, she meets with students constantly. If you need to meet with Ms. Stewart to fill out forms, or request a tutor, you need not schedule an appointment.  But it is a very good idea to schedule an appointment if you need assistance in:

  • Setting up tutoring
  • Sign up for accommodated exams
  • Finding appropriate documentation for disability
  • Assistance in securing accommodations
  • Schedule a meeting with Prof. Self