The staff in the Alpha Scholars Program are committed to ensuring that our students have every possible resource to find academic success.  If you need some time with our professional staff, please consider scheduling a meeting with us so that we can give you direct one-on-one attention.

Click the calendar button next to the staff member's name to schedule an appointment.

J. Scott Self   Calendar-icon


Professor Self's primary focus is to develop interventions to ensure access to a variety of underrepresented or disadvantaged student populations, and to protect the civil rights of students with disabilities at ACU.  Alpha students should schedule to meet with Prof. Self for any reason, but especially if they need assistance in...

  • Requesting accommodations for a disability
  • Connecting to other university resources
  • Coaching related to disabilities and other barriers
  • Assistance in determining whether a student has a disability
  • Problem-solving issues with majors/career choice, faculty issues, and university policies

James Scudder  Calendar-icon

Associate Director

Each Alpha Scholar should meet with Mr. Scudder at least once every semester that they are enrolled at ACU for an updated intake.  This meeting is vital to ensuring that Alpha is providing every necessary service possible, and to find ways to support each individual student.  Students should also consider meeting with Mr. Scudder if they need assistance in...

  • Applying for Alpha Scholars Program
  • Finding an academic coach, tutor, or help with financial aid
  • Discovering which Alpha resources apply to individual needs
  • GRE and other graduate-level entrance exam preparation

Tina Fleet Calendar-icon

Academic and Financial Aid Coaching

Ms. Fleet is the primary contact for Alpha students when they are looking for assistance in any area - whether in the Alpha program, or outside of the program (campus, community, etc.).  Ms. Fleet has unique skills in locating and accessing outside resources for students with specific needs. Students in Alpha should consider contacting Ms. Fleet first for almost every need - but especially if they need assistance in...

  • Finding financial aid, grants, and scholarships
  • Managing financial responsibilities
  • Applying for community resources
  • Dropping classes, applying for medical withdrawal, or managing academic schedules
  • Referrals to counseling services on campus or in the community

Mattia Bray  Calendar-icon

Disabilities Coordinator

Ms. Bray coordinates all of the accommodations for students with disabilities, once they have been approved by Prof. Self.  Ms. Bray's biggest responsibility is coordinating exams for students who receive accommodations, but she also coordinates all of the other accommodations approved for students as well.  Each student with a disability who has approved accommodations should consider meeting with Ms. Bray at the beginning of every semester so that she can help coordinate services between the student and faculty, or if they need assistance in...

  • Solving accommodation issues with faculty members
  • Improving delivery of accommodations in the classroom
  • Financial aid/literacy advising

Naoemi Sanchez Calendar-icon

Administrative Coordinator

Ms. Sanchez is the glue that holds the whole program together.  While much of her duties relate to the administrative needs of the program, she meets with students constantly. If you need to meet with Ms. Sanchez to fill out forms, or request a tutor, you need not schedule an appointment.  But it is a very good idea to schedule an appointment if you need assistance in:

  • Applying for employment (during and after college)
  • Writing resumes and cover letters
  • Job interview training
  • Applying to GRE and other post-graduate entrance exams