You can schedule a session with any of the tutors listed below.  It is IMPERATIVE that you show up at the appointed time and place to meet with the tutor.

TutorContent AreasTutor Certification Level
Alyssa WilderAnimal Biology, Art, Art History, Biochemistry, Cell Biology, General Biology, General Chemistry, General Physics, Microbiology, Organic Chemistry, Physiology, Time Management/Organization, Tutor TrainingLead Tutor, Master Tutor Level III
Samantha StudvickIntro/General Biology, Biology, General/Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry, Intro Psych, Psychology, English/Writing, Time Management/Organization, Tutor TrainingLead Tutor, Master Tutor Level III
Megan BurchamLiterature, Writing, Math 236/237, Time Management/Organization, Bible, Speech, Study Skills, Education, Tutor TrainingLead Tutor, Master Tutor Level III
Rachel MeltonBiology, Chemistry, PreCal I, Quantitative ReasoningLead Tutor, Master Tutor Level III
Julia TaylorGeneral and Organic Chemistry, General and Organic Cell Biology, Algebra, English, WritingMaster Tutor Level III
Denise NaudeBiology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, MathAdvanced Certified Tutor, Level II
MacKenzie SandersonGerman, Political Science, Global Studies, English/Writing, Study Skills, Environmental Science, AstronomyAdvanced Certified Tutor, Level II
Joshua BakerBible, Intro/Developmental Psychology, Speech, Quantitative ReasoningAdvanced Certified Tutor, Level II
Nicole AraujoAbnormal Psychology, Biology- Human Perspective, Developmental Psych, Intro to Speech Path, Normal Language Development, Phonetics, Physiological Psychology, Sign Language, Time management/Study SkillsAdvanced Certified Tutor, Level II
Adam AndradePolitical Science, Business, Bible, English, Spanish, History, Astronomy, Math 130Advanced Certified Tutor, Level II
Ojima EdehMicrobiology, Nursing, General Biology, General Chemistry, A&P 1 & 2, Math 123Lead Tutor, Certified Tutor, Level I
Michael JarvillBible, History, Global Studies, English, Theater, Speech
Certified Tutor, Level I
Brianna RideoutBible, English, Greek, WritingCertified Tutor, Level I
Matthew MatsushitaMath 019 (ALEKS)-185(Calc.-I), Biology, ChemistryAdvanced Certified Tutor, Level II
Alondra DominguezMath 019, Pre-Cal, Statistics, ChemistryCertified Tutor, Level I
Sarah ArrasmithArt, Art History, DET, Scripting, Time Management, English, AstronomyCertified Tutor, Level I
Alexis TaylorMath 019, Quantitative Reasoning, Biology, Chemistry, English/Writing, Intro PsychCertified Tutor, Level I
Ashley HarlanEducation, Reading, Early Childhood, Math 237/238, Math 019Certified Tutor, Level I
Morgan WhiteIntro Psych, Development Psych, Abnormal Psych, Physiological Psych, Kinesiology, Biomechanics, Time Management, Study SkillsCertified Tutor, Level I
Kelsey SheltonCollege Algebra, Pre-Cal, Cal ICertified Tutor, Level I
Anthony RodriguezAccounting, Spanish, Math 130, Government, Micro/Macro Economics, BusinessCertified Tutor, Level I
Kaylee JacksonPsychology, Business stats, BLAW, Management, English 111/112Pre-Certification
Savannah WeeksHistory, English, Writing, Research Skills, GRE Prep, Time Management, BiblePre-Certification
Tara CarsonHistory, READ, Intro/Education Psych, Bible 101/102/103, English, Organization/Time Management, EducationPre-Certification
Ross RichardsonA&P 1&2, General Chem 1&2, Intro to Chem, Nursing, Microbiology (nursing)Pre-Certification
Grace Kelly MuvunyiResearch Writing, Chemistry, Time Management/Study Skills, Civilization, Global Connection, Africa in Global Context, Nutrition, Management 330Pre-Certification
PV EniolaQuantitative Reasoning, Gen Chem I, PreCal, Calculus, Engineering, Physics (intro)Pre-Certification
Kennedy JonesBusiness, Micro, Major British Writers, English 111/112, CivilizationPre-Certification
Erin BryantAccounting, Microeconomics, Business, EnglishPre-Certification
Macy FlemingAccounting, Business, Finance, Spanish 111/112, Stats, Microeconomics, MacroeconomicsPre-Certification
ESL, Spanish, EnglishPre-Certification
Bailey BedichekCommunication, Psych (Cognitive&Developmental), WritingPre-Certification
Amy Holston TuckerESL, SpanishPre-Certification
Kelly DoetzkiesBible 103, Lower level math, Pre-cal and below, Writing, Time Management, OrganizationPre-Certification
Paul CarstensCal I and Higher, Physics, Lower- Level Engineering, Computer SciencePre-Certification
Jerremy FenderMusic Theory/ET, Music Literature/World Culture, PianoPre-Certification
Katherine SimmonsMusic TheoryPre-Certification
Ben HinkieMusic TheoryPre-Certification
Kolby KieslingMath 120, Pre-Cal I&II, Calculus IPre-Certification
Raul QuintanillaPre-Cal I&II, Calculus I, II, & III, ODEPre-Certification
Angeles FloresEnglish, Math 120, Time Management/Organization, ESL, Editing/Writing, SpanishPre-Certification