Marketing major has summer internship in Africa

by   |  11.10.11  |  College Decisions, Current Students, Faith Infusion, Internships, Study Abroad

Over the past summer, Kenli Viertel, a senior marketing major from Clyde, had the unique opportunity to travel to Ghana for her marketing internship. Kenli said about her experience:

My internship in Ghana taught me about myself, God, business, the world, and how He sees all of those things coming together.  I spent a few weeks at the Village of Hope Orphanage before I went to Heritage Christian University College, and I think the combination of these experiences was a perfect opportunity for me to learn how my passion for broken abandoned people and my skills in business can work together and make a difference…somewhere.  Faith in Business and International Business are both topics I’ve heard lectures over at ACU, but traveling to Africa alone and diving into that business culture was an experience I know will remain unmatched in my life and career.