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Dr. Monty Lynn Appointed as New W. W Caruth Chair of Management in COBA

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Beginning September 1, 2013, Dr. Monty Lynn will begin his appointment as the W.W. Caruth Chair of Owner and Managed Business in the College of Business Administration. The appointment is a three year assignment and will include an annual stipend along with a research and travel budget to be managed by Dr. Lynn for the benefit of Abilene Christian University, COBA, and his own professional areas of interest. Dr. Lynn was also appointed to the chair from 2006-2009.

During the last appointment, Dr. Lynn used some of the endowment to prepare for the course, International Poverty and Development, and to  attend a conference at Yale University and participate in microfinance training. For the current appointment, Dr. Lynn is planning on using the funds to invest more into COBA faculty and services.

 “It is an honor to receive this title from COBA. I am excited to continue serving students and faculty through research, teaching, and service,” says Dr. Monty Lynn, recipient of the 2013-2016 W.W. Caruth Chair of Owner and Managed Business.


Dr. Rick Lytle praised Dr. Lynn on his esteemed work in the field of research and leadership. “Dr. Monty Lynn clearly exemplifies great leadership in COBA, the ACU community, and beyond. This honor could not be given to anyone more deserving.”

Dr. Lynn is a well-known professor in COBA, exemplifying honor, character, and diligence to his students and colleagues. His exceptional expertise in teaching, research, and service show his influential role in COBA, on the ACU campus and around the world. Congratulations to Dr. Lynn on his well-deserved appointment!

Bring on the Burritos..the Crossing Cafe is Now Open!

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The Crossing Cafe - now open!

The Crossing Cafe – now open!

Students, faculty, and all of the ACU community, our wait is over. After pushing through long and dreadful coffeeless mornings, sitting through classes with no breakfast burritos to satisfy our grumbling stomachs, and sitting uncomfortably on the hard floors in the hallways trying to cram before those killer tests, the time has come. COBA is proud to announce the new and improved Crossing Cafe! The cafe opened this past Monday and offers an assortment of yummy snacks and breakfast items, including kolaches, donuts, breakfst burritos, coffee, tea, and a variety of other treats. The Crossing Cafe is a completely student-operated business run by Wildcat Venture students Allie Rostron, Casey Duncum, and Brandon Avedikian.

Allie Rostron, CEO of the cafe, says, “I am extremely happy with the renovations. Menus can always be changed, but our goal was to create a unique and inviting environment for the students.”

cafe traffic

Casey Duncum, senior management major, is also pleased with the new cafe. Casey has an innovative vision for the cafe, seeking ways to truly add to the unique COBA experience. The cafe also features student artwork from the student-founded organization Emineo. This adds a different touch to the cafe, creating a modern and trendy environment. In addition to the new atmosphere inside the cafe, Casey is hoping to eventually add furniture and live events on the back patio.

Casey says,”This summer was hard trying to make everything come together, but after seeing the cafe open, it was worth the hours of work and preparation.” 

cafe furniture

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead. Indulge in that hot, mouth-watering breakfast burrito and reward your taste buds for those treacherous mornings you had to function without coffee. Stop by the new and improved Crossings Cafe located on the first floor of COBA!

Honduran Home Built in Memorial of Dr. Jinkerson

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On October 12, 2012, one of COBA’s most esteemed professors, Dr. Daryl Jinkerson, passed away. This past summer, Dr. Vardiman along with Dr. Jinkerson’s family, including his wife Cindy, daughter Amanda, and mother Lavern, went to Honduras to work with the organization Casa de Esperanza , or House of Hope. The Jinkerson family and Dr. Vardiman worked with Perry Jinkerson, Dr. Jinkerson’s brother, and a church group from Starkville, Mississippi. The team engaged in various forms of mission work, including working in the school of the blind, visiting a local prison and hospital, and going to an extremely impoverished area called the “dump”.


The mission team also built a house in memory of Dr. Jinkerson. After five hours of strenuous work, the house was complete and ready for a Honduran family to move in. The money to build the house was collected in donations and cost less than  $2,000 to construct. This was the second house Dr. Jinkerson’s mother, Lavern, had built in honor of a family member. Dr. Vardiman stated, “Building this house truly was a healing experience for all who were involved.” Dr. Jinkerson will always be remembered as a revered son, father, teacher, and friend. He has left an incredible legacy in COBA and the entire ACU community through the way he served others and walked with Christ. The Honduran home built in honor of Dr. Jinkerson reflects the diligence, the hard work, the commitment, the hope, and the strong foundation Dr. Jinkerson personified to everyone whose lives he touched.



COBA’s Kayli Huddleston Receives Honored Scholarship

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COBA is proud to recognize Kayli Huddleston, senior management major, as the recipient of the 2013 Excellence in Education Scholarship which will be given at the HR Southwest Conference.

Kayli Huddleston

Kayli Huddleston

The HR Southwest Conference is the largest regional human resources conference in the country. Out of nominees from over 30 SHRM Student Chapters, Kayli was selected to attend the Southwest Regional HR Conference which will be held October 20-23 in Fort Worth, Texas. Participating in this conference will allow her to meet and connect with over 2,000 professional HR representatives. In addition to being publicly recognized during the event, Kayli will receive a $1,000 award plus the net proceeds from the Silent Auction to be held at the conference.

Kayli is very excited about the unique opportunities to learn and network with HR professionals. She says, “I am eager to learn all that I can about the HR field. I have had great classroom preparation, but the conference will give me a more real world concept of the inner workings of HR.”

Kayli is hoping to pursue an entry level career in human resource management in either the Fort Worth or Austin area. She sees a career in the HR field as the perfect opportunity to minister and help people in ways that other areas of a company cannot. Congratulations to Kayli Huddleston who is a great example of how COBA seeks to educate students for Christian service and leadership in the global market.


COBA’s STAR Program Aims to Shine Through New Software Program

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COBA’s STAR program recently added Morningstar Direct software which will help the group continue to excel in the stock market. Morningstar Direct is a software on the PC that will enable students to use analytical tools to evaluate stocks more efficiently. Since 1999, the STAR program has flourished by making solid financial decisions involving stock investments.

STAR’s primary goal is to perform as well or better than the entire stock market. In June 2000, the program made its first investment of $110,000. Today, STAR has grown its investments to approximately $540,000 invested in 60 diverse stocks including consumer goods, banks, insurance, and technology companies. Ten student managers work for STAR alongside COBA professor Dr. Terry Pope. Dr. Pope stated, “This tool will greatly assist our students with evaluating and comparing STAR’s portfolio to other benchmarks.”

Morningstar Direct will also aid the STAR program by allowing students to have access to high quality equity analysis which will contribute to better research and higher quality reports. This will provide the STAR students with the ability to make more informed investment decisions. The Investment Committee  of the ACU Board of Trustees has already given STAR additional money to invest twice. STAR  will continue to pursue excellence in the financial world with the aid of the new Morningstar Direct.

COBA Study Abroad Oxford Keeps the Olympic Games Alive

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You would think London might be a little dull after the lights have shut off, people have gone home, and the 2012 Olympic games have finished. Well, think again! Summer 2013 was full of excitement for COBA in England. During June, 31 students traveled to Oxford, England to study abroad with COBA. Eleven of these students had the opportunity to tour the London Olympic Park and work hand in hand with some of the top overseers of the London Olympic games, including the London Organizing Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games,  the London Legacy Development Corporation, the head of Olympic protest groups, the London School of Economics,  architects and urban planning consultants, and a world champion athlete.


Accompanied by Dr. Monty Lynn, students worked on a project to present to Matt Wood, COBA alum and Chairman and CEO of Dallas 2024. The goal of the project was to learn from the organizers of the 2012 London games and apply those principles to the Dallas 2024 Olympic bid as Dallas is one of the final 10 cities vying for the 2024 Olympic games. Dr. Lynn explained how no one realizes how much work, time, resources, and money goes into preparing for the Olympic games. Dr. Lynn stated, “Each Game is unique. Unlike many other Olympic games, London put thought into what would become of the facilities after the games.” Cities like Athens and even Beijing now have billions of dollars worth of abandoned buildings around the city. London wanted a different vision, a vision that would impact east London and truly make the summer 2012 games one to remember.

London is currently in the process of transforming the Olympic park into Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, a place that will connect local communities, create new business opportunities and developments, and provide new and modern living options in the park. The London planners were proactive in preparing for the future and planning for future economic growth in a socially deprived area of the city. After speaking with the different London games authorities, the COBA project team shared these principles with Dallas 2024.


The team included Hannah Bruce, Mary Beth Carter, Katy Doughty, Zach Guerra, Whitney Herrington, Emily Hill, Teddie Johnson, Cassie Powers, Evan Webb, Megan Wixon, and Matt Sanderson. Along with Dr. Monty Lynn, the team presented their project to Matt Wood and the Dallas 2024 board on Friday, August 6 in Dallas. COBA students are contributing to one of the most uniting and compelling events in the entire world, passing on the torch of excellence. We’re excited about what the future holds!