COBA in Oxford: June 5th-7th, 2015

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It’s been a busy few days for our COBA students and faculty. In keeping with our desire to have them narrate the blog, you’ll see posts throughout today highlighting several different authors. Read on to see what our students have been up to. Cheerio!

COBA in London: June 5th by Danae Basye

Yesterday was such an exciting first day in London for the COBA Study Abroad team! We began by visiting FitchRatings and ExxonMobil.

Oxford Exxon Mobil

Oxford Fitch ratings

It was such a benefit to hear from the businessmen themselves about how they run their global businesses successfully. We were treated with hospitality from both businesses by being provided with refreshments and having the ability to ask questions and talk with them one on one. After our business visits, we had the incredible opportunity to see Les Miserables in the Queen’s Theater.

Oxford les mis

Yesterday is a day that will be hard to forget. We are growing more and more every day by seeing global business models first hand and this is only the beginning!

COBA in London: June 6th by Zachary Bealmear

Today was a great day for everyone traveling around London. There were three to four groups who stuck together and toured around. Most everyone stayed overnight in a hostel. For quite a few it was their first time. At least two of the groups took tours by bus. One of the great notes about today was a few of the groups got to see a parade at Buckingham Palace. It was the Royal Guard’s rehearsal for the Queen’s birthday next week. It was quite a show.

london guards

A few of the groups took a cruise down the River Thames. Narration was witty, the sights were beautiful, and the air was brisk on deck.

castle tower of london

One thing that caught my eye was a small chalk drawing being made in Trafalgar square.

chalk artist

It was fairly simple group of world flags. I do not know whether the final picture was supposed to be flags of the world, EU countries, or former British colonies. Either way, it definitely was a great reflection of how London is a true cultural hub. Peoples of all nationalities come to London not just to tour, but to work, to trade, to live.


Overall, everyone got to see a piece of London. After everyone got back to the Oxford House, by train of course, we all shared a wonderful supper of delicious lasagna. It was prepared by Jackie, but of course she humbly said it was a group effort. I think after that meal, which of course was much needed after a long day of travel, they all deserve a big thanks. Unfortunately, as meals so good rarely last long, no picture is available.

COBA in Oxford: June 7th by Lakin Carpenter

Today was our first Sunday spent in Oxford and it has been an absolutely beautiful day. We got to sleep in this morning, which was so nice! The highlight of today was being able to go to Christ Church and experience their service, as well as look around the breathtaking grounds of the church.


As you can see in the picture, the church was gorgeous, both indoors and outside. My favorite thing about the service was the choir, and all the adorable little boys who had incredible voices! The church staff was so sweet and welcoming to our whole group.

stained glass window


After church a small group of us went to a cute little café for paninis and sweets! We also did a little shopping and bought some Oxford gear. Kaitlyn and Jamie tried a “macaroon frappe” from Paul’s which they highly recommend everyone try! (It was AMAZING)

Once we were done with church, lunch and shopping, a lot of people headed home to start on our hefty workload for the week. It was cool to reflect back on what we learned on our London visits, as well as to begin looking into Mini Cooper. I’m excited to tour the factory tomorrow!

We ended our day with 9 @ 9, and a lovely devotional.

devo in Oxford

It was nice to decompress from our eventful weekend and spend time in community with each other. Being on this trip, I am constantly reminded of how truly blessed we are to have this opportunity. We get the chance to further our education, as well as travel across the world and learn about so many different cultures, which not many people (especially this young) get to do. Week one is coming to a close, and I’m ecstatic to see what the next three weeks hold for us!