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Professor Spotlight: Dr. John Neill

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“The student professor relationship in COBA is unique and unlike any other university at which I have taught. The faculty and staff are outstanding Christian people that I enjoy working with every single day,” says Accounting professor, Dr. John Neill.

This year marks the 15th year Accounting professor Dr. John Neill has been with COBA. Dr. Neill grew up in Abilene, graduating from Cooper High School before coming to ACU. He graduated from ACU earning both a bachelor’s and master’s degree and then went on to the University of Florida, where he earned his Ph.D.  Before coming back to ACU to teach, Dr. Neill taught at Florida State University and Chapman in Orange County, California.

Dr. Neill says that one of his favorite memories in COBA is the senior blessing retreat held a couple of years ago. At the blessing, he enjoyed all of the faculty and staff gathering together to send off the seniors. He feels incredibly blessed to be part of such an encouraging community, knowing he has made a difference in students’ lives. Dr. Neill describes COBA as cooperative, student-focused, and professional, seeking to serve God and meet students’ needs above all else. Compared to other state universities, he feels that students feel comfortable  in COBA, striving to learn and gain insight from experienced professors.

John Neill

Dr. Neill’s favorite Bible verse is Romans 8:37-39, which says, “In all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us. For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.” Dr. Neill’s life is a clear reflection of how he lives this verse out every day, serving those around him and pushing students to reach their potential and live out their God-given talents. COBA has been extremely blessed to have Dr. Neill in our community. Thank you Dr. Neill for your Christian example and servant leadership over the past 15 years!

EY Takes Tim Savage to Disney World!

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COBA Interns at the EY Orlando Conference


COBA encourages and assists students in providing opportunities to pursue internships to gain real-world experience and learn hands-on applications from some of the most prestigious companies in the world. Tim Savage, a student in COBA’s Master of Accountancy (MAcc) program, interned with EY this past summer. Tim worked in the tax division and prepared multiple Texas franchise tax forms for large asset management companies. A large, global firm like EY offers many possibilities, allowing interns to tailor their career path based on their best interests.

EY also provided an all-expense paid trip to attend a firm conference in Orlando with about 3,000 other interns. At the conference, interns participated in workshops and team-building exercises, listening to executive speakers and learning from the top firm leaders. The interns were also given opportunities to have some fun! They went on excursions in Orlando and were able to spend some time at Disney World.

Throughout the internship, Tim learned how important it is to have a positive outlook and open mindset. By approaching his work with optimism, he believes he was able to build character and work diligently to be successful. After he graduates in May, Tim plans to take his CPA exams and  start working full time with EY in July or August. He is thankful for COBA and the mindset it instills into their students, preparing them for Christian leadership and development in the marketplace.

132109_10151251124561834_1923619158_o“COBA’s accounting department is top quality. Not only are the professors well-qualified and excellent at teaching, they invest in their students and help them grow them into being top-performers in the workplace. I feel like the specialized knowledge taught by the experienced faculty equipped me well to take on the challenging aspects of my internship,” says Tim Savage, a MAcc student.

Into the Marketplace: Kyndal Coleman and Ernst & Young

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This last spring semester senior accounting major, Kyndal Coleman, had the opportunity to intern with Ernst & Young in her hometown of San Antonio. Kyndal worked in four different audit departments, including telecommunications, construction, energy, and consumer products. She also spent two weeks working in the Tulsa office of EY, gaining experience on a project with an energy company there. While interning, Kyndal learned how to work with a smaller team, challenging herself to learn quickly and perform well under pressure. She highly values the education she received at COBA, believing that COBA helped her to pay attention to details and apply the skills she was learning in the classroom.  After interning with the company, Ernst & Young gave Kyndal a job offer. Kyndal plans to finish her Master’s Degree in Accounting and become CPA certified in the summer of 2015. Kyndal is one of many accounting students who represent COBA so well in the marketplace. Way to go Kyndal!


“The keys to success when interning: humility, patience, and a positive attitude when you are in a new environment,” says Kyndal Coleman, a senior accounting major from San Antonio.

Happy Interview Season!

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It’s interview season here in the College of Business. COBA students are encouraged to participate in an internship while they’re studying here, so most juniors are on the hunt for that elusive perfect internship.

Kyndal Coleman, a junior accounting major from San Antonio, is right in the middle of this stressful process. However, she took a few minutes to give us the inside scoop on what it’s like in the world of accounting internship interviews.

Kyndal Coleman

Kyndal Coleman

1. Who have you interviewed with this semester?

“So far, I’ve interviewed with Whitley Penn, Weaver LLP, and PricewaterhouseCoopers. I’m also hoping for the chance to interview with Lane Gorman Trubitt, Hartman Leito & Bolt, Ernst & Young and KPMG as they come to campus in the next few weeks.”

2. How did you connect with the companies you interviewed with?

“Prior to the application process, firms host recruiting events and visit ACU’s campus to speak to organizations like the Student Accounting Organization. This is a great chance to see what each firm offers and where you might be interested in applying. All of the firms I am interviewing with utilize CareerLink for their recruiting process. They post internship availibilities online and allow you to apply via the CareerLink website. From there, you can further connect by attending the pre-interview dinners in the Spring. These events are a wonderful way to get to know the people working at the firm in a relaxed atmosphere before interviews actually begin.”

3. What were you most nervous about going into the interviews?

“The “unknown”: not knowing exactly who you’ll be interviewing with or exactly what questions they’ll ask is a scary thought. While I can’t predict exactly what will happen in each interview, proper preparation definitely helps build confidence and calm nerves.”

4. How did COBA prepare you for these interviews?

“My Career Center mock interview was a very informative way to learn about proper answering techniques, attire, body language, and other helpful tips that could only be learned through seasoned professionals who are willing to give constructive criticism.
Additionally, CareerLink has been an invaluable tool in applying for and scheduling my interviews. I know there is such hard work behind the scenes that goes into getting such a wide range of employers on our campus, and this website simplifies and streamlines the entire process beautifully for students.”

5. What advice would you give someone who’s going into an interview for the first time?

  • “Don’t be afraid to ask questions ahead of time and during the entire interview process!
  • Ahead of time: Seek out the relationships of upperclassmen and faculty in COBA who have “been there done that.” It’s great to get advice and insight from people who have successfully made it through the interview process themselves.
  • When you meet the employer: If you’re curious about an aspect of the job you’re applying for, don’t hesitate to ask about it during the interview. Questions show that you’re engaged in the process, and allow for you to better determine where you’ll best fit in.”

Good luck to all of our students who are currently in the interview process!

COBA’s Master of Accountancy Program Receives Accolade

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The College of Business at ACU’s Master of Accountancy Program (MACC) was recently named one of the top 10 schools in the state of Texas for having one of the highest CPA Exam pass rates in Texas. The report was published  by the Texas Society of CPAs (Today’s CPA, January/February 2013). The list includes 5 public and 5 private universities. You can read more about this honor by clicking on this link for ACU’s blog post. To learn more about the MACC program, click here. Congratulations to our Accounting graduates and faculty!

Brennen McMullin, Auditor for Ernst & Young

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As most COBA students know, studying accounting at ACU is a sure-fire way to get hired by one of the prestigious Big Four accounting firms.

That’s at least the way things went for Brennen McMullin, a 2012 graduate of the program.

Brennen McMullin

Brennen, who is an auditor for Ernst & Young LLP, enjoys his job. “Public accounting is a fast-paced, high-demand environment that forces me to stay at my best and constantly learn,” explains Brennen. “I love that my job allows me to see many different client corporations.”

In addition to enjoying the high speed found in public accounting, Brennen also benefits from the fact that Ernst & Young is a large global firm. As a result of the company’s size and prestige, Ernst & Young is able to provide employees like Brennen with a massive array of resources and learning opportunities.

Like most things in life, landing a great job like Brennen’s is the result of many preceding steps. For Brennen, many of these steps were achieved during his time at ACU. One such experience, an Ernst & Young internship, taught Brennen a lot about working in the real world.

“The internship was great exposure to hands-on experiences that we are prepared for in class,” expounds Brennen. “Any kind of social club or group activity at ACU is a great way to build relationships and develop friends in your support network.”

Many business schools help students acquire internships and go on to get jobs, but not many integrate faith and learning in the way that COBA does. In fact, Brennen believes that this unique integration prepared him differently than the way his co-workers’ schools prepared them. “COBA prepared me differently than my coworkers because I learned from men and women that all succeeded in business while putting their relationships with Christ first.” This example was significant to Brennen and taught him that, “Christian priorities do not necessitate compromise with the world.”

Brennen McMullin with Dr. Rick Lytle, Dean of COBA

So what words of advice does this young professional have for current ACU students?

“Put all your effort into working hard, studying hard, managing your time, having fun, and building relationships with friends and mentors. Most importantly, remember to stay close to God, study his Word, and be grateful to Him for all things.”

It sounds like someone’s figured out what it looks like to put their relationship with Christ first.

He must be a COBA grad.