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Student Spotlight: Kimray Inc. Welcomes Emily Conrad

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Kimray is one of the fastest growing private companies in the world and is a world-class manufacturer of control equipment used extensively in oil and gas production in North America and around the globe. They are a privately owned family company with more than 800 employees and occupying over 360,000 square feet in their campus facility. This was the third year in a row for Kimray to make the Inc. 500 List, a list of America’s fastest growing companies.  In 2013, they had over $240,000,000 in sales, making their way to the Top of the 100 Manufacturing Companies list. For over 65 years, Kimray has been the leader in upstream oil and gas controls under ANSI standards.  Kimray received the 2013 Hire Power Award, which recognizes private companies that are leading the way in creating America jobs, making Kimray the leading job creator.

Kimray Inc. was founded in 1948 by innovative leader Garman O. Kimmel. The company takes pride in putting the customer first and honoring the Lord in everything they do by creating incomparable value in their relationships with customers and employees. Their vision is to make a difference in the lives they serve, putting their faith in action by trusting God with their future and serving those wholeheartedly in every aspect of the company.

Emily Conrad, a senior Management major, had the opportunity to intern with Kimray this past summer. She worked in various areas of the company, including the distribution of weekly reports, updating PO pricing, delivery date, and supplier information, as well as providing customer service within the supply chain. Emily described her internship as “wonderful and enriching, learning valuable knowledge about supply chain management in a completely Christ-centered culture.” Kimray truly is an exceptional company, prioritizing the family, employees, and customers first and going the extra mile to humbly serve the marketplace. Having experience her own internship, Emily encourages students to seek out internship opportunities through personal relationships, utilizing this connection tool to land an internship and potentially a job. After her internship, Emily committed to a full time position working in the Operations Management department with Kimray after she graduates in May.

emily conrad picture

“COBA has taught me the fundamentals of the various aspects of business,
but more importantly to be a Christian in the workplace,” says Emily Conrad, a senior Management major from Oklahoma City.

COBA Grads Go Social!

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Imagine having a set of social listening tools that can measure exactly how effective your brand’s sharable content is. Well it is time to stop daydreaming and get social! In the fall of 2012, six founding members, including former ACU, SITC, and COBA graduates Brad Neathery (2011), Clay Selby (2011), and Braxton Huggins (2010), teamed up and created SocialRest, a set of specific tools designed to measure social shareability, engagement, and conversions made from a brand’s website content across social platforms. SocialRest measures how social users engage with a brand because of user-shared content from their website. SocialRest then follows that social user if they visit that brand’s website, listening to how they engage with content on the site and measuring conversion rates on the brand’s website.

In the fall of 2012, founder of SocialRest, Clay Selby who majored in IT in the School of Information Technology and Computing, pitched the idea at a conference in San Antonio called Three Day Startup. After the event, Clay and co-founder, Brandon Ashton, started developing the idea. After a long process of building, measuring, and learning, SocialRest became a reality, with potential to be one of the top start-ups of 2014. This set of social tools features social analytics, simple integration, impression tracking, customer behavior interest, and ROI tracking. SocialRest can also determine whether the content written on a regular basis is successful. News sites, brand-building blogs, and businesses that rely heavily on their content creators can benefit greatly with these measuring tools. SocialRest can help businesses observe, visualize, and adapt to customer responses on their site, making the process of seeing user engagement and conversion highly efficient.

The SocialRest team expects the site to become the premier listening tool for B2C (business to consumer) brands with shareable content on their website or blog. SocialRest has recently been ranked by ClubLab (a London philanthropic agency) as one of the 12 start-ups to watch in 2014, alongside high-caliber brands like Nest (acquired by Google), Topsy (acquired by Apple), and other legendary start-ups. In the month of February, SocialRest increased Twitter followers by 1200% and received over 20,000 social mentions. This company is definitely one to watch, with mentions from ClubLab’s “Top Start-ups to Watch in 2014” and Chelsea Krost’s “2014 The Year of the Millennial”.

Brad Neathery, an ACU and COBA graduate who  majored in marketing, credits their success to a number of factors, including the positive mentoring influences and constant engagement with potential users of the tools. Brad also stressed how much the Lord has aided in the process, working in miraculous ways to bring glory to His kingdom. “Christ calls us to serve his people in everything that we do, and philanthropy is nothing more than an act of service. SocialRest is made up of team members that are constantly stumbling toward the cross together, and our foundation is built upon accountability in business and in life,” says Brad. SocialRest exemplifies the values COBA instills in students, preparing them to go into the world with a missional mindset and determination to bring glory to Christ and his kingdom through all aspects of business and in life. SocialRest is looking for interns for the summer of 2014. If any students are interested in the internship, they can contact COBA’s career development team, Tim Johnston or Samantha Matta.

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“COBA craft’s the vision of its students to understand the world for what it is, and to then take their own approach on how to achieve their goals. There is an underlying belief that life should be seen as an opportunity, challenges seen as the first step to growth, and success to be seen as a humble awareness of how magnificent our creator is,” says Brad Neathery, former ACU and COBA graduate.




The Powerful Advantage of Shadowing

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COBA’s Amy Morris had the opportunity to shadow COBA alum Chad Baker, Executive Vice President and Regional Director of Jones Lang La Salle, for two weeks this past summer. She was able to gain hands on experience by attending meetings, conference calls, and strategic development sessions with Chad. Amy learned several things about the commercial real estate business,  but more valuable than that, she learned how to conduct herself humbly and honorably in tough business positions. She explains how true character truly reveals itself in those hard circumstances dealing with different people and that until you are actually out in the world and experiencing this hands on, you do not have a good feel for how to handle certain situations.

Chad Baker strongly believes in the shadowing concept and how it can give students a vision for their career choice. “I believe young adults can utilize the shadowing concept to obtain a vision (or glimpse) of various professions/professionals and to begin internalizing the path to pursue in their lives today which would lead to fulfilling their respective vision…with God’s blessing and favor.” As students begin to start their journey in the workplace, shadowing older and mature believers and leaders in the business world is the perfect way to see how students can start to discover and utilize their God-given gifts in whichever career path they choose.

amy morris

“I was so blessed by my experience with Chad, and I would encourage others to find an opportunity to find and shadow a mentor. I have discovered that many professionals are eager to share their knowledge with college students; all we have to do is ask! There are few substitutes for real life experience.”


Internship Spotlight: Allie Rostron Works with Dell

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Allie Rostron, a senior marketing major from Llano, had the opportunity to intern with Dell last summer in Austin. She worked as an undergrad senior analyst within the finance department but mainly worked on projects heavily rooted in marketing and communications. One of her projects included working with people from around the globe, including Ireland, Malaysia, China, and Brazil. The aim of the project was to completely revamp all of the recruiting for the CFO’s development programs, ranging from the Finance Internship Program, the Finance and Accounting Development Programs, and the Finance Rotation Program. She also worked with a team to produce a video that would be cued by Michael Dell at his global All Hands on Deck Meeting. This project included interviewing 40 plus employees asking questions regarding Dell’s future, Dell’s innovation, and how going private would affect Dell’s interaction with customers. Allie also worked with Dell’s internal blog, One Dell Way. She performed research on Big Data, Big Analytics, the evolving workforce, and virtual desktop infrastructure.

Allie landed the internship by researching and emailing contacts in the professional marketplace. She asked for advice and feedback about her resume and the interviewing process and recommendations regarding fields and companies to look for. Her resume was forwarded to various employees within Dell and eventually to the hiring team. She advises students seeking internships to start early! If students are wanting to work in a larger company, she suggests that they start doing research now and contacting people to gain knowledge through the entire process. Secondly, she highly believes in the power of networking and that by using contacts made through networking, students are using a tool that is at everyone’s disposal.

Allie will begin working for Dell after she graduates in May. Allie is a great example of someone who used the power of networking and seeking advice from other professionals to land an incredible internship opportunity. If you are searching for an internship or job, schedule an appointment with Samantha Matta in the COBA Connections office. Congratulations Allie and good luck with your new position at Dell!


“Never underestimate the power of networking. Networking is not working the system but is utilizing a tool that is open to your disposal. You never know what can come from emailing someone and asking them advice.”


Happy Interview Season!

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It’s interview season here in the College of Business. COBA students are encouraged to participate in an internship while they’re studying here, so most juniors are on the hunt for that elusive perfect internship.

Kyndal Coleman, a junior accounting major from San Antonio, is right in the middle of this stressful process. However, she took a few minutes to give us the inside scoop on what it’s like in the world of accounting internship interviews.

Kyndal Coleman

Kyndal Coleman

1. Who have you interviewed with this semester?

“So far, I’ve interviewed with Whitley Penn, Weaver LLP, and PricewaterhouseCoopers. I’m also hoping for the chance to interview with Lane Gorman Trubitt, Hartman Leito & Bolt, Ernst & Young and KPMG as they come to campus in the next few weeks.”

2. How did you connect with the companies you interviewed with?

“Prior to the application process, firms host recruiting events and visit ACU’s campus to speak to organizations like the Student Accounting Organization. This is a great chance to see what each firm offers and where you might be interested in applying. All of the firms I am interviewing with utilize CareerLink for their recruiting process. They post internship availibilities online and allow you to apply via the CareerLink website. From there, you can further connect by attending the pre-interview dinners in the Spring. These events are a wonderful way to get to know the people working at the firm in a relaxed atmosphere before interviews actually begin.”

3. What were you most nervous about going into the interviews?

“The “unknown”: not knowing exactly who you’ll be interviewing with or exactly what questions they’ll ask is a scary thought. While I can’t predict exactly what will happen in each interview, proper preparation definitely helps build confidence and calm nerves.”

4. How did COBA prepare you for these interviews?

“My Career Center mock interview was a very informative way to learn about proper answering techniques, attire, body language, and other helpful tips that could only be learned through seasoned professionals who are willing to give constructive criticism.
Additionally, CareerLink has been an invaluable tool in applying for and scheduling my interviews. I know there is such hard work behind the scenes that goes into getting such a wide range of employers on our campus, and this website simplifies and streamlines the entire process beautifully for students.”

5. What advice would you give someone who’s going into an interview for the first time?

  • “Don’t be afraid to ask questions ahead of time and during the entire interview process!
  • Ahead of time: Seek out the relationships of upperclassmen and faculty in COBA who have “been there done that.” It’s great to get advice and insight from people who have successfully made it through the interview process themselves.
  • When you meet the employer: If you’re curious about an aspect of the job you’re applying for, don’t hesitate to ask about it during the interview. Questions show that you’re engaged in the process, and allow for you to better determine where you’ll best fit in.”

Good luck to all of our students who are currently in the interview process!

Alumnus Spotlight: Kelsey Davis

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There are many factors that go into determining the quality of a job. These components include: the company’s culture, how well you work with your co-workers, and whether or not you enjoy the work itself.

Kelsey Davis, a 2012 graduate who studied Management, has found an ideal blend of these three components at her job as Assistant to the CEO of CRU International. CRU International, a dinnerware company, designs fine china and drink ware that is sold in stores like Macy’s, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Dillard’s.

Kelsey (holding the black and white dishes) with her CRU Co-Workers

CRU International, which was founded by ACU alum Darbie Angell, has a unique culture that allows Kelsey to integrate her faith and her work. Interestingly enough, CRU is dedicated to incorporating social responsibility into their business model. In fact, CRU is perpetually partnering with various social ventures, some of which have included donating coffee presses to developing countries and partnering with St. Jude’s Hospital.

Another reason Kelsey loves her job is that she’s found it to be an incredible community that constantly spurs her on to be a better worker and a better person of faith. She describes this experience by saying, “I am humbled to work for a company where all the co-workers continually encourage each other and work so well together as a team.”

Kelsey is not only able to work with people she loves; she is also able to fill a wide variety of functions in the company. “Fortunately my job role changes on a day-to-day basis,” explains Kelsey. “I am privileged to do everything from handling our shipping logistics to helping create a strong brand for CRU.”

So how do graduates smoothly transition straight from the world of academia to the world of industry?

Kelsey landed her job with CRU International as a result of an internship she had the summer before her senior year. Because CRU International is a relatively new company, Kelsey has been fortunate enough to witness a lot of exciting growth during the time that she has interned and worked for the organization.

Kelsey Davis, of CRU Dinnerware

One example of this success is the company’s recent partnership with Disney.

“Disney actually reached out to Darbie [CEO of CRU International] and asked her to design their first ever Disney Fairy Tale Weddings Dinnerware line,” explains Kelsey. “Never in a million years would we have thought Disney would contact us to co-brand with them.”

As if her job didn’t sound good enough already, what Kelsey really loves is the way in which she can see God through it. “Honestly, seeing how God can use imperfect people to create something much bigger than themselves is unbelievably rewarding,” says Kelsey. “I find so much passion in helping market products that I know will help bring others relief and joy around the world.”

Like many COBA graduates, Kelsey believes she can attribute much of her success in the workforce to COBA and its outstanding faculty. Kelsey elaborates, saying,

“Not only did COBA provide a solid educational foundation, but the professors made it evident that if we dreamed big, we could accomplish anything that God called us to do.”

Where will God’s call lead you?

Marketing major has summer internship in Africa

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Over the past summer, Kenli Viertel, a senior marketing major from Clyde, had the unique opportunity to travel to Ghana for her marketing internship. Kenli said about her experience:

My internship in Ghana taught me about myself, God, business, the world, and how He sees all of those things coming together.  I spent a few weeks at the Village of Hope Orphanage before I went to Heritage Christian University College, and I think the combination of these experiences was a perfect opportunity for me to learn how my passion for broken abandoned people and my skills in business can work together and make a difference…somewhere.  Faith in Business and International Business are both topics I’ve heard lectures over at ACU, but traveling to Africa alone and diving into that business culture was an experience I know will remain unmatched in my life and career.

Internship Insight: My experience with FC Dallas

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Aaron is a sophomore marketing major from Burleson. He came to ACU interested in pursing a career in sports management or sports marketing. After attending a job fair in Dallas centered around the corporate side of sports, Aaron made connections with the front office of FC Dallas. He accepted the unpaid internship because he was excited about the opportunity and experience and knew it would be a great resume builder. We’ve asked Aaron to share about his summer internship experience with us:

Every experience gained throughout this internship was a vital building block in my understanding of life, business, and personal goals. This thirteen-week experience of trials, setbacks, and successes was a much-needed real world encounter.  I came into this internship with expectations of what a professional soccer team would be like, and I was very please with what I found.

Aaron at Cowboy Stadium for an FC Dallas game

The business side is completely different from the game played on the field. These two sides have to work together in order to compete well against other teams and stay profitable and sustainable. FC Dallas has the one of the most consistent organizations in the MLS with numbers to back it up. They’re growing in popularity every year, and are consistently staying competitive. These are great signs for what the future holds for the game here in the United States of America.

When I first interviewed for the Team Administrative & Player Personnel Intern position, I wanted to make it clear that I wanted to learn the business of sports. Wherever they were going to put me, I was going to soak up as much information as possible through this experience. Come to find out when I started I was given just what I was asking for. My position gave me the ability to work and help with the team at practices and games.

FC Dallas at Cowboys Stadium

I also worked in the corporate office dealing with scouting databases, budgets, and logistics for the Team Administration and players to which it gave me the other perspective. Both sides of the puzzle were at my grasp to learn from multiple supervisors that were either directors, managers, or coaches. All of which have amazing stories that helped with me understanding more insights in today’s complex sports niche. I am extremely thankful for the trust that they gave in me with passing sensitive information in order for me to learn.

Time was my only downfall to this experience with which I wanted more time to be a part of this great organization. These thirteen weeks flew by with so many different scenarios that I was able to learn from for future successes. The projects given to me to be responsible for at FC Dallas were great challenges for me to start, but now the projects must be passed to the next intern for furthering them in benefiting the company.  There is still much to learn about this sport and how things are done, but I have a feeling it wont be my last time in this related field. I thank God for my opportunity with FC Dallas, and I hope that I made a lasting impression.