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FCC Indecency Policy Statement (PDF)

by   |  04.28.05  |  Current Events, broadcast decency

I told a student I would post this. It’s very explicit in its description of what is and isn’t indecent over the air. More »

When the Blogger Blogs, Can the Employer Intervene?

by   |  04.18.05  |  Current Events

The New York Times reports (registration required) employers can get pretty testy with employee blogging, especially when the bloggers are bashing the boss. As the article states, the First Amendment protects most speech from restriction, but it doesn’t protect us from the consequences of our speech. More »

Comm Law Brunch

by   |  04.18.05  |  Current Events

The second annual Comm Law Brunch will be at 9:30 a.m., Sat., April 23, at my house, 2002 Marathon, for members of the Spring 2005 Comm Law class. Anyone else who wants a breakfast burrito from me needs to schedule a different time… More »

W stands for legal wrangling

by   |  04.18.05  |  Current Events

The logo designed by a Wichita Falls resident and the RNC’s logo: More »

Copyright tampering or cleaning up?

by   |  04.17.05  |  Current Events

The Wall Street Journal has a good wrap on the debate over third-party altering of Hollywood’s movies for family viewing. More »

Possibility of a federal shield law

by   |  04.16.05  |  Current Events

There’s been a lot of talk about passing a federal shield law. The current proposal is troubling because it sets journalists apart from other citizens when it comes to testifying in court and, for that reason, it must define journalists. (See Section 2.) Bad idea. More »

Web trademark rights depend on content

by   |  04.16.05  |  Current Events

The Ninth Circuit has ruled a Web site using the name of another company in its Web address has not violated U.S. trademark law if the Web site is one of protest and comment rahter than commerce. Generally, a name must be used in commerce by both sides to be a violation. More »

Study shows support for blog censorship

by   |  04.16.05  |  Current Events

The good thing is most people equate bloggers with the media when it comes to rights. Though they take the news media more seriously. Ouch. More »

"Copyright debate of the century" video

by   |  04.16.05  |  Current Events

Hat tip to fellow ACU faculty member Cade White. More »

"Choose Life" back on the plate in La.

by   |  04.16.05  |  Current Events

The Fifth Circuit has ruled the federal courts shouldn’t be involved in Louisiana’s debate over whether it should issue “Choose Life” license plates. The three-judge panel says its a state tax issue for the state courts to resolve. More »