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Lance on track to see paper in court

by   |  07.30.05  |  Current Events

Lance Armstrong is suing over claims in The Sunday Times that he used performance-enhancing drugs. More »

A once-over for FOI procedures?

by   |  07.29.05  |  Current Events

Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez says he will reexamine the FOI policies established under predecessor John Ashcroft. More »

Grand Theft Auto hits legal traffic

by   |  07.29.05  |  Current Events

Hidden sex scenes in the latest Grand Theft Auto have driven maker Take-Two Interactive to court, according to a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Last week the company was forced to change its rating from Mature to Adults Only after the porn cheat was publicized. Many stores, which don’t carry Adult Only Games, dropped the game. Which makes me wonder whether the self-imposed ratings systems mean anything. More »

Judge reinstates libel suit against NYT

by   |  07.29.05  |  Current Events

This is from the New York Times. (registration required) More »

Is Taxation the Key to Curbing Online Porn?

by   |  07.28.05  |  Current Events, broadcast decency

A group of Democrats is proposing a 25 percent tax on porn in an attempt to limit its exposure to kids. The Communications Decency Act and the Child Online Protection Act bith sough to restrict posting of porn where children could access it but both were declared unconstitutional. More »

Roberts and the First Amendment

by   |  07.25.05  |  Current Events

The Freedom Forum has a good rundown of Supreme Court Justice nominee John Roberts’ involvement with First Amendment issues. More »

Term limits for Supreme Court?

by   |  07.25.05  |  Current Events

John Fund of the Wall Street Journal says 18 years is long enough for U.S. Supreme Court Justices. More »

Polanski wins libel verdict

by   |  07.22.05  |  Current Events

Accused pedophile Roman Polanki won about $100,000 from Vanity Fair for a 2002 story that claimed he hit on a model on the way to his dead wife’s funeral. Turns out it was two weeks later, the magazine says. More »

A libel case primer

by   |  07.13.05  |  Current Events

Sports Illustrated is dealing with a libel suit by the former coach of the University of Alabama, Mike Price. It’s a good description of how reporting works at a major weekly and a good example of the trouble that arises from anonymous sources.

It’s on page 1 of the Wall Street Journal today. More »

Pub scraps article to get in student packets

by   |  07.13.05  |  Current Events

The Chico News & Appeal has pulled a story that plays up the party school reputation of California’s Chico State University so it can get its advertisement-laden edition into student packets distributed by the school. The story will continue to appear on the publication’s Web site and in editions not distributed through the school. More »