Is this treason in America?

by   |  08.18.05  |  Current Events

Blogger Instapundit links to The Volokh Conspiracy which links to a speech by a member of Britain’s parliament essentially calling on Arabs to fight against non-Arabs now occupying the Middle East in some form or fashion.

Professor Volokh says (in part):

Imagine that Galloway was American and was tried in America, and that a jury concluded that Galloway’s intention wasn’t just to criticize the war, but actually to get Arab listeners to help our enemies in Iraq, and to get some of them to join the insurgents. … Under U.S. law, this would constitute treason : Aiding the enemy with the intention of aiding the enemy. Would the First Amendment nonetheless protect such speech?

That’s a question we’ll be asking the first two weeks of Comm Law this semester, so students should take a look at Volokh’s post.

I have corrected the spelling of Professor Volokh’s last name.