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Regulating cable?

by   |  11.30.05  |  Current Events

We were talking in class yesterday about how the FCC does not regulate cable in the same way it regulates broadcast. At the same time FCC Chairman Kevin Martin was suggesting cable should clean up its act or face more regulation. As we said in class, regulating cable in the age of podcasting may be like keeping the tide out with a broom.

Playstation Self-Regulation

by   |  11.28.05  |  Current Events

Often this type of self-regulation is implemented to avoid government involvement. More »

Alito’s critics

by   |  11.28.05  |  Current Events

There are some First Amendment cases among these 10 cited by Alito critics. More »

Tennessee H.S. Pulls Copies of Student Paper

by   |  11.27.05  |  Current Events

This story about an edition of a high school newspaper pulled because it had stories about birth control and tattoos should have mentioned Hazelwood v. Kuhlmeier. Instead we get “First Amendment experts were critical of the seizure.” More »

FCC to lose a member

by   |  11.20.05  |  Current Events

The Federal Communications Commission, which regulates broadcast, could be down three members with the planned departure of Kathleen Abernathy. More »

Expect more from blogs in ’06 and ’08 now

by   |  11.17.05  |  Current Events

The Federal Election Commission has handed free speech advocates a victory. By a unanimous vote, the FEC today issued Advisory Opinion 2005-16, which concludes that the Fired Up! Network of blogs qualifies for the “press exception” to federal campaign finance law. The opinion states: More »

Miller all over again?

by   |  11.17.05  |  Current Events

Now Walter Pincus has been found in contempt for refusing to reveal his sources in his story about the criminal investigation of nuclear scientist Wen Ho Lee.

Newdow’s Return

by   |  11.16.05  |  Current Events

Michael Newdow, who challenge the phrase “under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance, plans to file suit seeking to have “In God We Trust” taken off U.S. currency.

A Comm Law corn-ucopia

by   |  11.15.05  |  Current Events

This story from the L.A. Times has all sorts of communication law issues – obscenity, forum theory, police prior restraint, libel, privacy. I could write an entire exam based on this scenario.

Bloggers continue political ad regs challenge

by   |  11.15.05  |  Current Events

Bloggers say political Web sites and advertising shouldn’t be regulated by campaign finance restrictions. As we’ve discussed in class, commercial speech and political speech are on opposite ends of the spectrum of protection. Which is this? More »