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More Alito and the First Amendment

by   |  11.15.05  |  Current Events

The Freedom Forum has the ultimate cache of stories on Judge Alito and his First Amendment jurisprudence. Take a look. There are 15 of them, so I wouldn’t expect you to study all of them, but wise Comm Law students will pay close attention to this one on commercial speech, which we’re handing this week in class. More »

Alito’s First Amendment record

by   |  11.12.05  |  Current Events

The New York Times has a good analysis of Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito’s free speech jurisprudence. More »


by   |  11.10.05  |  Current Events

Here’s more on international governments seeking to gain some control over ICANN, the organization that manages the Internet. More »

Dems question Alito’s impartiality in case

by   |  11.10.05  |  Current Events

Samuel Alito’s confirmation hearings won’t begin until January, but Senate Democrats have questions about his participation in a case involving Vanguard, a mutual fund company where Alito has investments. More »

Judith Miller is out at the Times

by   |  11.10.05  |  Current Events

From the New York Times: More »

Are TV and radio raunchier or are we just complaining more?

by   |  11.10.05  |  Current Events

Complaints to the FCC for the past three months were up four times what they were the previous quarter.

Couple that with this story on a Kaiser Family Foundation report that there’s more sex on television. More »

Does being on the Web make you a public figure?

by   |  11.10.05  |  Current Events

A Florida judge threw out a libel lawsuit because the plaintiff involved has had substantial coverage on the Web, though none in print. She was unable to show actual malice. Interesting, though I think this is a minority view. More »

A Religious Freedom Issue

by   |  11.07.05  |  Current Events

I think the L.A. Times is registration-only, so I’m reposting this story in its entirety for educational purposes: More »

Grokster Shuts Down

by   |  11.07.05  |  Current Events

Grokster has ceased operations as part of a settlement with the entertainment industry in light of the Supreme Court decision from last spring. More »

Don’t download, especially at Gramps’

by   |  11.06.05  |  Current Events