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Protecting college journalists in California

by   |  05.17.06  |  Current Events

Former Comm Law student and Optimist ME Lori Bredemeyer sends this story along from California. You’ll recall the Supreme Court recently let stand a 2005 decision in Hosty v. Carter, in which the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals essentially said public universities can exercise control over campus newspapers if that newspaper has not become a designated public forum. More »

Funerals as a protected class?

by   |  05.17.06  |  Current Events

This from the Texas Legislature: More »

Libel in Maine

by   |  05.06.06  |  Current Events

ACU alum Bill Hobbs has an interesting post on his blog about libel in Maine More »

WWI sedition convictions pardoned

by   |  05.05.06  |  Current Events

This is interesting in light of the convictions upheld in Schenck, Debs and Abrams in 1919. Also makes me wonder whether Texas had similar convictions in 1918 among its German population. More »

Navy chaplain facing court-martial for praying

by   |  05.04.06  |  Current Events

This is a classic Free Exercise clause case. More »

Connecticut House passes shield law

by   |  05.04.06  |  Current Events

The Perils of Copyright Violation

by   |  05.03.06  |  Current Events

Review Set On Judge’s No-Notes Order

by   |  05.03.06  |  Current Events

If this isn’t overturned on appeal, I’ll be shocked. Banning reporters from taking notes in an open hearing is certainly not among the Sheppard remedies. More »