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Throwing our judicial junk in Britain’s backyard (or courts)

by   |  07.30.06  |  Current Events

A great story about forum-shopping in England. I’ve got to do more research in this area. More »

Justices let award stand in libel case

by   |  07.30.06  |  Current Events

This story should define what the author means by (actual) malice. More »

Comm Law Potpourri

by   |  07.30.06  |  Current Events

I’ve been in Germany for the week, where free speech mainly involves criticizing the United States, which is a safe move there. Here’s a whole bunch of Comm Law stories that have just piled up this week: More »

"Bush Lied" and ACLU’s new client

by   |  07.23.06  |  Current Events

I’m in England, Wales, Germany and many points among them, So I’m not working to blog daily, but these two stories screamed out to be linked to: More »

Off to England and some gratuitous pride

by   |  07.06.06  |  Current Events

I want to encourage friends and relations to browse the Flying Pi Ranch blog in the next month or so, where we’ll be keeping folks updated about our stay in England and Germany. I’ll continue to blog here regarding communication law topics. More »

Is "Kangaroo Court" Libelous?

by   |  07.06.06  |  Current Events

In England, it apparently is. It would make a good test question in the U.S., though. More »

Irish Libel, Privacy Rules May Change

by   |  07.06.06  |  Current Events

This is interesting. More »

Libel, privacy in Ireland may change

by   |  07.06.06  |  Current Events

Interesting on several comm law fronts. More »

The prospectus and more

by   |  07.06.06  |  Current Events

We leave for Oxford on Sunday. Remember, meet at 1:30 p.m. at DFW airport at our gate. More »

The Constitution and Flag-burning

by   |  07.04.06  |  Current Events