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An Autumn Potpourri

by   |  09.27.06  |  Current Events

Here are a slew of Comm Law-related stories from the past few days on a wide variety of topics. I need to keep up better on this stuff… More »

Libel: Wife loses New York Case

by   |  09.21.06  |  Current Events

This is interesting because it has what I think is a good discussion of limited purpose public figures and what they must prove to recover for libel. Comm Law starts libel on Tuesday. More »

Prior Restraint: Free Speech Zones Dropped

by   |  09.20.06  |  Current Events

The whole issue of free speech zones has been a vexing one. In most cases the idea of using time place manner restrictions to move speech away from any audience is problematic. More »

Prior restraint: A Legal Hodgepodge in Minnesota

by   |  09.18.06  |  Current Events

The reporter for the Minnesota Daily who wrote this story jumbles incitement law, fighting words and the “Heckler’s Veto.” You wouldn’t do such a thing, would you? The picture at right is preacher George Smock.

Libel: U.K. Laws Explained

by   |  09.16.06  |  Current Events

This is a good description. More »

Ownership: FCC docs come to light

by   |  09.14.06  |  Current Events

Liability: Grace interviewee kills self

by   |  09.13.06  |  Current Events

There are those who will say the media bear responsibility when that they publish or the way they go about investigating stories leads to others’ harm. More »

Student: Patriotic tees lead to suspension

by   |  09.13.06  |  Current Events

More students in trouble over their T-shirts. More »

Libel: Man can sue over BTK ID

by   |  09.09.06  |  Current Events

This is a quote from Bernie Rhodes, lawyer for the television station who reported on the arrest described in this story: More »

Violence: Judge strikes La. video game law

by   |  09.06.06  |  Current Events

This is a couple of weeks old, but it applies to the Thursday discussion. Plus it applies to Danny’s research paper.