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Music industry in 8,000 new file-share lawsuits

by   |  10.17.06  |  Current Events

The United States is the primary target of these efforts, although this is an international organization. More »

Redstone hits FCC indecency rules

by   |  10.17.06  |  Current Events, broadcast decency

I don’t necessarily see the networks pulling back on offensive language and subject matter, despite the concerns of Viacom’s chairman.

Of course, I also don’t watch a lot of TV. More »

Libel: This is big

by   |  10.12.06  |  Current Events

It appears newsworthiness has become a stronger defense (or defence) to libel in the U.K. More »

Jury awards $11.3M over defamatory Internet posts

by   |  10.11.06  |  Current Events

O.K., note to self: don’t use “fraud,” “crook” and “con artist” on the blog. More »

Judge orders reporters jailed in BALCO subpoena case

by   |  10.08.06  |  Current Events

Don’t think I have posted the latest in this case. I’m swayed by the fact that disclosure of grand jury information is a violation of the law. The standard for this is Branzburg v. Hayes. More »

Wis. charitable program faulted for excluding religious groups

by   |  10.08.06  |  Current Events

“A state-run program allowing employees to donate part of their paychecks to charity may not exclude religious charities on grounds that the groups use religion as a basis for employment or membership on their governing boards, a federal judge has ruled.” More »

Court rules in favor of county in free speech suit

by   |  10.08.06  |  Current Events

So the outcome of this is a city can regulate “co-mingling” at adult establishments. So while a student’s free speech rights don’t end at the schoolhouse gate, the judge here says a topless dancer’s erotic free speech rights end at the stage’s edge. More »

Trial OK’d on one Jewell claim against AJC

by   |  10.03.06  |  Current Events

Courts are asked to crack down on bloggers, Web sites

by   |  10.03.06  |  Current Events

Bloggers aren’t immune from libel claims. Why do you think I watch what I say? More »

Libel lawsuit against Jackson mayor begins

by   |  10.03.06  |  Current Events

This is a libel case as well as a journalistic leak case. It looks like a great exam question. By the way, this story was written by Jerry Mitchell, who spoke on campus last semester. More »