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Death row inmates’ pages on MySpace draws criticism

by   |  11.12.06  |  Free Speech

If you’re a MySpace user, here’s the site for Robert Shields, who was executed by the state of Texas in August for stabbing to death his parents’ next door neighbor in Friendswood. More »

Humiliated fraternity boys sue movie studio over drunken appearance in ‘Borat’

by   |  11.11.06  |  Mental Anguish and Emotional Distress, Privacy

Google video slapped with copyright suit

by   |  11.11.06  |  Current Events

Griffith v. Griffith

by   |  11.11.06  |  Current Events

FCC: Profanity OK on news shows

by   |  11.08.06  |  Current Events

So, you don’t have to watch your language on Hardball… More »