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New York Teen Fights Back Against Music Downloading Lawsuit

by   |  01.31.07  |  Current Events

This is a novel approach… More »

Politics and speech

by   |  01.30.07  |  prior restraint

UCLA Professor Eugene Volokh often has an unconventional view on the legal issues. His blog is one of my favorites. More »

Drug Ads: Taking Medicine Never Looked So Good

by   |  01.30.07  |  Commercial Speech

Liberate political speech

by   |  01.30.07  |  Current Events

The L.A. Times sounds off on McCain-Feingold. More »

Jailed NYT reporter testifies in Libby trial

by   |  01.30.07  |  shield laws and the reporter's privilege

Paris Hilton sues Web site

by   |  01.30.07  |  Current Events

OK, when you make it your business to make your business everyone else’s business, do you have any business giving some businesses the business? More »

Flag flap spurs student forum

by   |  01.28.07  |  Current Events

All I have to say is WWTD. (What would Tinker do?)

On a slightly related note, Jacqueline Duty (right) was banned from her high school prom in 2004 for wearing this homemade homage to her confederate forbears. She filed suit later that year, but I don’t know where it’s gone from there. More »

Are funeral protests "fighting words"?

by   |  01.28.07  |  Current Events

The Chaplinsky case, which we’ll cover on Thursday, doesn’t seem to cover what the author of this column is talking about. Still, it’s a common argument, so it’s worth reading even if it’s a little long. More »

Republican: Scripts need reviewing

by   |  01.28.07  |  Current Events

Texas Mayor Singles Out N-Word for Ban

by   |  01.24.07  |  Current Events

Mayor Ken Corley: “But it is a national issue, and I would like the city of Brazoria to take a leadership role throughout the nation in banning the use of this word.” More »