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Judge OKs ‘Choose Life’ License Plates

by   |  01.23.07  |  Current Events

Gag order is sought on Devlin interviews

by   |  01.23.07  |  Current Events

SCOTUS to take another swing at McCain-Feingold

by   |  01.20.07  |  Current Events

In the original decision ruling McCain-Feingold was constitutional, handed down three years ago, the Supreme Court found concerns about money in politics to override free speech concerns. More »

Condit’s lawyer bails out on a defamation lawsuit

by   |  01.19.07  |  Current Events

You’ll recall the former congressman had an affair with a congressional page who later went missing. More »

Fairness Doctrine back on the rise?

by   |  01.18.07  |  Current Events, fairness doctrine

The Fairness Doctrine specifically was declared constitutional but it hasn’t been in force since the 1980s. This recent discussion might be a good research paper. More »

Families sue after children abused by MySpace users

by   |  01.18.07  |  criminal liability

Liability of the media is a continuing question. Like most Comm Law topics, there’s a good Law & Order episode regarding this. More »

Documents Borne by Winds of Free Speech

by   |  01.18.07  |  Current Events

This covers a whole bunch of interesting topics: whistleblowers, the Internet, prior restraint on the media. And it’s not easy to sort out. More »

District: Student paper policy not followed

by   |  01.14.07  |  prior restraint, student speech

This story was in The Brazosport Facts, where I first worked after I graduated from ACU. It doesn’t explain why the newspaper didn’t go before the principal before it was published. More »

Cisco Sues Apple Over Use of IPhone Name

by   |  01.10.07  |  Current Events

Cisco says it owns the term iPhone. In fact there are three iPhone trademark filings at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office: one by Teledex LLC, one by Ocean Telecom Services LLC and one by Cisco Technology. Oh, and Xtreme Mobile LLC has the Xtreme iPhone mark. More »