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Woman Ordered to Remove ‘Messages From God’ From Her California Home

by   |  02.27.07  |  Current Events

News photogs denied access to b-ball tourney

by   |  02.27.07  |  Current Events

There are privacy and copyright issues here.

Va. Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Free Speech Case

by   |  02.27.07  |  Current Events

The Rutherford Institute is a religious freedom organization. It’s apparently not much on property rights. Recall our class discussions on Lloyd Corp., Logan Valley and Pruneyard. More »

Appeals court reverses libel lawsuit against newspaper

by   |  02.27.07  |  Current Events

Here’s an imperfect example of what I was talking about lat week. Reporters don’t explain the actual malice requirement or they explain it wrong. More »

Tattoo ban sparks free speech debate in Watsonville

by   |  02.18.07  |  Current Events

O.K., I thought they were banning Tattoo from Fantasy Island…

Apparently, libel is a brewing problem in Calif.

by   |  02.18.07  |  Current Events

S.F. State — Hecklers’ paradise

by   |  02.09.07  |  Current Events

This is an opinion column from the San Francisco Chronicle, but it bears directly on our discussion in class Thursday. More »

Apple, Beatles settle core dispute

by   |  02.05.07  |  Current Events

Church Bowl idea not so Super

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