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Is torture a "fair use"?

by   |  03.27.07  |  Current Events

Bong Hits 4 Jesus–Explained

by   |  03.22.07  |  student speech

I neglected to mention the “Bong Hits 4 Jesus” case went before the Supreme Court on Monday. More »

Former Post gossip columnist sues billionaire Burkle, Clintons

by   |  03.22.07  |  Current Events

NFL fumbles DMCA takedown battle, could face sanctions

by   |  03.21.07  |  Current Events

YouTube is the frontier of copyright. More »

California Elementary School May Face Lawsuit for Attacking the Free Speech Rights of Students

by   |  03.21.07  |  Current Events

Bill repeals unconstitutional criminal libel, slander laws

by   |  03.21.07  |  Current Events

Carol Burnett sues TV’s "Family Guy" cartoon

by   |  03.16.07  |  Current Events

TV regulators turn their attention toward violence

by   |  03.15.07  |  FCC

Best line: “In short, torture is the new sex. Jack Bauer is the new Janet Jackson.” More »

Kate Winslet Accepts Settlement in Libel Case Over Faux Weight Woes

by   |  03.15.07  |  Current Events

This statement makes the libel more likely: More »

Web libel cases increasing in Tennessee

by   |  03.15.07  |  Current Events

More from the Tennessean. More »