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Mexico decriminalizes libel, defamation

by   |  04.15.07  |  Current Events

I think this is muy bueno. More »

Justice of the Peace Files Libel Lawsuit Against Local Blogger

by   |  04.12.07  |  Libel

Anti-Porn Group Plans to Deliver Anti-‘Obscenity’ Petitions

by   |  04.11.07  |  Current Events

U.S. complains to WTO on China

by   |  04.11.07  |  Current Events

I’m blogging from a copyright conference in Illinois today, but I wanted to point out this story related to international copyright that came out yesterday. More »

Court: MySpace postings are free speech

by   |  04.10.07  |  Current Events

This principle is being weighed in the “Bong Hits for Jesus” case. More »

Fur flies in Felix flap

by   |  04.09.07  |  Current Events

Judge denies media jurors’ names

by   |  04.09.07  |  Current Events

Libel award to chief judge knocked down $3 million

by   |  04.09.07  |  Current Events

War protester settles free-speech lawsuit

by   |  04.09.07  |  Current Events

This goes back to our discussions the first few weeks of class. More »

Report urges FCC to regulate TV violence

by   |  04.09.07  |  Current Events, broadcast decency

I missed this in February. More »