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Court: Texas law intrudes on religious freedom

by   |  08.31.07  |  Current Events

This is interesting. The coverage itself also is interesting because I’m in the middle of research on how the Texas Supreme Court is covered by the larger media outlets in the state. More »

Libel Tourism: Where Terrorism and Censorship Meet

by   |  08.30.07  |  Current Events

Libel litigant Richard Jewell dies

by   |  08.29.07  |  Libel

Journalists often are less than precise when reporting on libel. The text in bold bothers me becuse it would only matter whether the newspaper was reckless if Jewell were a public figure at the time of the statement, which he wasn’t. And even if he were, malicious motivation never would matter: More »

Newspaper ordered to give up documents from ranch estate dispute

by   |  08.28.07  |  Current Events

The newspaper plans to appeal. More »

Opening Day Libel Potpourri

by   |  08.27.07  |  Current Events

To commemorate the beginning of the fall term, here are two libel-related stories: More »

Self-Described Pedophile Blogger Ordered to Stay Away From Schools

by   |  08.24.07  |  Current Events

I talked about this on The Professors radio show this week. The order still strikes me as unconstitutional considering he’s guity of no crime and hasn’t threatened a disruption of the peace. More »

White House Declares Office Off-Limits

by   |  08.23.07  |  FOIA

We can’t spend much time on FOIA, but this is an important journalistic issue. More »

Courts Block Laws on Video Game Violence

by   |  08.23.07  |  Current Events

"Nobody puts our Trademark in a corner"

by   |  08.23.07  |  Current Events

This comes courtesy of the Wall Street Journal’s Law Blog. More »

Policing the Academy for Pirates

by   |  08.23.07  |  Current Events

Universities should be a place forthe free exchange of knowledge and ideas. Shouldn’t it also be a place where students are taught the value of intangible property? More »