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Police seize Elton’s naked artwork

by   |  09.26.07  |  Current Events

Eatery owner forced to remove photo from window

by   |  09.26.07  |  privacy: appropriation

Profane Language Puts Student Editor’s Job On Line

by   |  09.22.07  |  Current Events

I think this quote from the Collegian editor encapsulates his lack of writing ability and his contempt for his audience (or his lack of confidence in both): More »

Dallas Family Sues Virgin Mobile for Illegal Use of Photo

by   |  09.21.07  |  privacy: appropriation

Here’s a discussion of the phone company’s larger problem.

Judge OKs ‘Hitler Youth’ Buttons to Protest School Uniform Policy

by   |  09.20.07  |  Current Events

Time magazine to fight Suharto libel ruling

by   |  09.14.07  |  Libel

Two Jurors Dismissed In Bridgeport Double Murder Case

by   |  09.14.07  |  Current Events

Wow. I see some significant free speech/journalistic ethics/Fourth Amendment issues going on here. More »

Everyone’s jumping on the media violence bandwagon

by   |  09.14.07  |  sex in media

The Massachusetts Medical Society adopted a resolution related to violent and sexually explicit television programming. Here’s language from its release: More »

Tribe: New Content Regulations Betray First Amendment

by   |  09.14.07  |  Current Events

Laurence Tribe is one of the top constitutional law scholars. More »

New Jersey Supreme Court to Decide If Town Can Display Super-Sized Inflatable Rat

by   |  09.14.07  |  Commercial Speech, prior restraint

Scabby the Rat has gone to court elsewhere and usually won at the appeals level. The issue here is advertising regulations.