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Iowa asks: Is stripping an art?

by   |  07.27.08  |  Obscenity and Pornography

Businessman Awarded £22,000 in Landmark Libel Ruling

by   |  07.24.08  |  Libel

Pitt Peeved Over Paparazzi Pix

by   |  07.23.08  |  Copyright and Trademark, Privacy

There’s a whole lot going on in this letter, worthy for the 500th post to the Comm Law Blog. An attorney for Brad Pitt is threatening The Smoking Gun Web site with legal action if it publishes photos of Brad, Angelina Jolie and their new kids. More »

‘Natural Born Killers’ fan charged with strangling girlfriend

by   |  07.22.08  |  Current Events

Sure to renew the debate over the causation of violence by violent media. More »

Court tosses FCC ‘wardrobe malfunction’ fine

by   |  07.21.08  |  broadcast decency

Tennessee man arrested for photographing a cop

by   |  07.14.08  |  Current Events

Internet story claiming two Oklahoma players arrested for drugs is a hoax

by   |  07.10.08  |  Copyright and Trademark

From Dr. Cheryl Bacon and son Michael. More »

Laughter at the Supreme Court

by   |  07.10.08  |  Current Events

Bikini Reporter Sues over Video

by   |  07.08.08  |  Privacy

I still can’t figure out what her cause of action is. Intrusion? Emotional distress? False light? Would be a good test question. More »

N.D. Supreme Court orders some juror info made public

by   |  07.08.08  |  Free Press/Fair Trial