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33 Pastors Flout Tax Law With Political Sermons

by   |  09.29.08  |  Free Speech

Prosecutors Drop Charge Related to "Passing Gas" in DUI Case

by   |  09.26.08  |  Current Events

So I feel pretty juvenile posting this, but it is worth consideration. Can the police punish you for insulting them by passing gas “in their general direction,” as the Monty Python troupe would say? I think that’s speech-plus and I doubt you can call it Fighting Words. More »

Beware the Button Police

by   |  09.24.08  |  Current Events

WSHS teen cited for destroying U.S. flag; case could test free speech issues

by   |  09.19.08  |  Current Events

Somebody hasn’t taken Comm Law or read Texas v. Johnson… More »

‘Libel Tourism’: When Freedom of Speech Takes a Holiday

by   |  09.18.08  |  Libel

First Amendment has limits, local experts agree

by   |  09.18.08  |  Current Events

Who knew? I’m an expert. More »

Palin E-mail Account Hacked

by   |  09.17.08  |  Privacy

RNC use of ‘Barracuda’ as Palin theme song angers Heart

by   |  09.05.08  |  Current Events

EU wants to ban ‘sexist’ TV commercials

by   |  09.05.08  |  Current Events

Watch out, Abercrombie & Fitch, American Apparel and Urban Outfitters! More »

Guns ‘n’ Roses copyright thief faces prison

by   |  09.03.08  |  Current Events