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Study Links Violent Video Games, Hostility

by   |  11.24.08  |  video game violence

New Jersey appellate court narrows fair report privilege

by   |  11.22.08  |  fair report

Police must apologize to man who taped traffic stops

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Libel suit against JuicyCampus users dropped

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NJ court rules against newspaper in libel sui

by   |  11.20.08  |  Libel

Democratic candidate sues Tenn. lawmaker for libel

by   |  11.19.08  |  Libel

Press standards to be investigated by parliamentary select committee

by   |  11.19.08  |  British law, Libel

Law professor fires back at song-swapping lawsuits

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Holy Faulty Logic, Batman!

by   |  11.14.08  |  Copyright and Trademark

From Comm Law student Sara Potter… More »

California law restricting video game sales on shaky ground

by   |  11.14.08  |  video game violence

The Ninth Circuit heard arguments a couple of weeks ago in the latest case to challenge restrictions on the purchase of violent video games. California makes the same arguement that has been unsuccessful everywhere else — that Ginsberg v. New York’s “variable obscenity” doctrine can be applied to violence as well as sexual content. The problem with that argument is there’s no underlying level of violence that is obscene (and unprotected) for everyone. More »