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Jump in FBI child porn cases leads to lab backlog

by   |  01.23.09  |  Current Events, Obscenity and Pornography, sex in media

WASHINGTON (AP) – Auditors say the FBI’s stepped up effort to fight Internet child pornography has led to an evidence backlog in the bureau’s computer labs. More »

`American Idol’ sues Texas strip joint

by   |  01.23.09  |  Current Events

Comm Law alum Rolando Gutierrez passes this story along. More »

ECA Posts List of Proposed Vid Game Regs

by   |  01.23.09  |  Current Events, Video Games, video game violence

The Entertainment Consumers Association has this list of legislation aimed at regulating video games. More »

Targeting speech to snuff out terror

by   |  01.23.09  |  Free Speech

The First Amendment Center has a strong discussion of efforts to relax Brandenburg during a time of war. More »

Judge favors Burlington school in free speech case

by   |  01.23.09  |  Current Events, student speech

I suspect this will go on to an appeal. The standard for restricting student speech on campus is whether it is “disruptive” of the learning environment. Don’t see that here. More »

Are video game violence, real life violence linked?

by   |  01.23.09  |  Video Games, video game violence

Or aren’t they? More »

Current events in libel law

by   |  01.23.09  |  Libel

I’ve gotten behind with the start of school and the conversion from Blogger, so here are some interesting recent stories and opinion pieces on libel: More »

Dutch Lawmaker, Charged With Insulting Islam, Fears Prison Sentence

by   |  01.22.09  |  Current Events, Europe, Free Speech

Cases like this make me wonder why some people extoll the virtues of European law. More »

Supreme Court won’t revive online content law

by   |  01.21.09  |  Current Events, Internet speech, Obscenity and Pornography

SCOTUS won’t hear the a case involving the Child Online Protection Act, which was struck down by a trial court in 2007. In 2004, the court upheld an injunction that had prevented the law from going into force and indicated the law was probably unconstitutional. More »

World drops weekly newspaper, editor from libel lawsuit

by   |  01.21.09  |  Libel

Suing a competitor for libel probably wasn’t a great PR move for the Tulsa World. More »