Pilot program for course evaluation

by   |  09.10.13  |  Free Speech

I’ve agreed to participate in an effort to improve faculty course evaluations this semester, so apparently you’ll be getting a message to that effect soon. Below is the statement Dr. Straughn, the dean of our college, has sent for me to pass along to you.

This semester I have volunteered to be part of a pilot project that intends help me and other faculty improve our teaching and our courses. As a student you are a valuable and expert source of information about how we can improve, but we have never really taken advantage of what you could tell us. So, the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences and I would like to ask you to join with us in this project by helping us change how we conduct and use the end of course surveys.

Keep in mind that two things will not change. First, the information you provide will be confidential. I will never know individually who participated or what you said on the survey. Second, like always, everyone will have the opportunity answer the end of course survey whether you participate in the pilot program or not.

When you participate in this pilot program we will ask you to pay special attention to certain aspects of my teaching and of the course. We will ask you to tell us about things that are important to you, but that may not be on the regular survey. All this will take only a few minutes more time and will be done during in early November, about the 11th week of class.

All the information you give us will be processed by the dean’s office. You confidentiality will be carefully protected. I will meet with the dean of the college to review the information that you give us.

Tomorrow, the dean will send you an e-mail that gives you more information and explains how to agree to participate. You will be sending your response directly to the dean of the college so I will not know who is or is not participating. I would be happy to answer your questions, but it will more efficient to wait until you receive the details from the dean. You will have an opportunity to ask questions then. I am personally committed to this project. I hope you will participate as well.

These are the faculty members and courses participating:

  • Paul Roggendorff – FLSP 385.01
  • Cole Bennett – ENGL 330.01
  • John Ehrke – MATH 361.01
  • Doug Mendenhall – JMC 100.01
  • Suzie Macaluso – SOCI 416
  • Jeff Arrington – PHYS 360.01
  • Suanna Davis – ENGL 221.T4 and ENGL 221.
  • Kenneth Pybus – JMC 488.01
  • Rebecca Hunter – BIOL112.01
  • Al Haley – Eng 323.01
  • Greg Powell – CHEM 133.02 and 113.H1
  • Michael Sadler – PHYS 110
  • Carolyn Thompson – FLGE 111.01
  • Vernon Williams – HIST 405
  • Patricia Hernandez – BIOL 291.01
  • Bob McKelvain – PYSC 241