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Showing a middle finger while driving by a police officer isn’t a crime

by   |  07.15.15  |  Free Speech

According to the U.S. District Court, Western District of Texas in a decision last week in Brown v. Wilson. More »

Jacksonville chief judge scales back ban on protests; federal lawsuit filed |

by   |  07.09.15  |  Free Speech

Chief Judge Mark Mahon struck his previous administrative order and wrote a new one Tuesday, the same day that two activists filed a federal lawsuit against him, calling his ban against some protests unconstitutional. More »

It’s a crime to use George Washington — or any other U.S. military figure — in advertisements in Louisiana or Arizona – The Washington Post

by   |  07.09.15  |  Free Speech

Unless, of course, you get the consent of “the closest living relative, by blood or marriage, of the deceased” — who would that be (and how would one figure this out if there were multiple equally close living relatives)? More »

Abbott & Costello Heirs Sue Play For Briefly Using  ‘Who’s On First?’ Routine | Techdirt

by   |  07.01.15  |  Free Speech

Source: Abbott & Costello Heirs Sue Play For Briefly Using \\\’Who\\\’s On First?\\\’ Routine | Techdirt More »