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Justice Thomas poses questions, stuns Supreme Court crowd

by   |  02.29.16  |  Free Speech, Supreme Court

scotusJustice Clarence Thomas broke 10 years of silence and provoked audible gasps at the Supreme Court on Monday when he posed questions from the bench during an oral argument.

Source: Justice Thomas poses questions, stuns Supreme Court crowd More »

Donald Trump: We’re going to ‘open up’ libel laws

by   |  02.26.16  |  Free Speech

“We’re going to have people sue you like you’ve never got sued before.” More »

Christian Slater’s Father Sues His Star Son for $20 Million for Allegedly Claiming He Suffered from Schizophrenia

by   |  02.25.16  |  Free Speech

Christian described his father as “suffering from manic-depressive schizophrenia” in a Dec 2015 interview. More »

Ciara Sues Future for $15 Million for Alleged Defamation, Slander

by   |  02.09.16  |  Free Speech

I have a hard time seeing this suit succeeding, especially the prior restraint elements referenced at the en. We can talk more in class next week about the elements of libel, perhaps using this case as a starting point. More »