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Melania Trump’s libel suit against blogger going forward

by   |  01.29.17  |  Libel

Trump sued The Daily Mail and Maryland blogger Webster Griffin Tarpley in September 2016 for allegedly false and defamatory statements about her past. More »

A look at the reported top contenders for the Supreme Court – The Washington Post

by   |  01.29.17  |  Supreme Court

Judge Thomas Hardiman

A look at Neil Gorsuch, Thomas Hardiman and William Pryor, the federal appeals court judges who are seen as the leading candidates to be President Donald Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court. Each was appointed to the appellate bench by President George W. Bush, appeared on Trump’s list of 21 possible choices that he made public during the campaign and has met with Trump to discuss the vacancy that arose when Justice Antonin Scalia died nearly a year ago. Trump plans to announce the nominee on Thursday. More »

Trump White House freezes information coming out of federal agencies, reports say | Dallas News

by   |  01.29.17  |  prior restraint

Source: Trump White House freezes information coming out of federal agencies, reports say | Donald Trump | Dallas News More »

Opinion | No, Madonna’s ‘I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House’ isn’t a threat of violence

by   |  01.21.17  |  political speech

More »

US appeals court reinstates suit over Missouri alcohol ads | News |

by   |  01.21.17  |  Commercial Speech

KANSAS CITY (AP) — A federal appeals court on Thursday revived a lawsuit challenging Missouri regulations that broadcasters and others say illegally limit how they can market alcohol. More »

Federal court affirms limits on Inauguration Day protests

by   |  01.21.17  |  Free Speech

A federal appeals court on Tuesday shot down protesters’ challenge of regulations that allow Donald Trump’s Presidential Inauguration Committee first dibs on the location of bleachers along the Friday More »

The Parody Defense to Trademark Infringement: The North Face vs. The South Butt | The IP Law Blog

by   |  01.17.17  |  Copyright and Trademark

By Zachary J. Wadlé Missouri teenager Jimmy Winkelmann grew weary of his high school classmates’ blind and materialistic infatuation with The More »

Merkel Coalition Seeks to Punish Social Media for Hate Speech

by   |  01.14.17  |  Europe

Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government plans to fine social media networks such as Facebook Inc. and Twitter Inc. if they fail to combat hate speech, as German officials accuse media companies of being too slow to take action. More »

Copyright in Klingon

by   |  01.11.17  |  Copyright and Trademark, Free Speech

A “Star Trek” fan film is hit with an unfavorable ruling in a copyright infringement suit in federal court in California. More »