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Texas Supreme Court Opinions Firm Up Anti-SLAPP Rights For Online Journalists

0 Commentsby   |  04.27.16  |  Libel

Jackson Walker partner Paul Watler has a great column this week on Greer v. Abraham and Sullivan v. Abraham, two Supreme Court of Texas cases this year related to Texas’ anti-SLAPP law. More »

Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant, Jimmy Page to Face ‘Stairway to Heaven’ Suit – NBC News

0 Commentsby   |  04.14.16  |  Copyright and Trademark

More »

NFL concussion lawsuits: New York Times story won’t draw suit

0 Commentsby   |  04.04.16  |  Libel

Don’t expect the debate between the NFL and the New York Times—or any other disagreement over a media portrayal of concussions in the NFL—to wind up in court. More »

Mandatory Union Fees Survive as U.S. Supreme Court Deadlocks

0 Commentsby   |  03.29.16  |  Compelled Speech, Free Association

The U.S. Supreme Court deadlocked in one of its highest profile cases, issuing a 4-4 ruling that lets more than 20 states continue to require public-sector workers to help fund the union that represents them. More »

Drinking tweets are just ‘part of my schtick,’ Blake…

0 Commentsby   |  03.27.16  |  Libel

Source: Drinking tweets are just ‘part of my schtick,’ Blake… More »

News industry unions, managers unite to back Herald “Freedom of Speech” campaign (From Herald Scotland)

0 Commentsby   |  03.16.16  |  British law, Europe, Free Speech, Libel

Scotland’s news media industry has united to back The Herald’s campaign for libel reform. More »

DJ fined for playing ‘F**k Tha Police’ while cops raided a bar

0 Commentsby   |  03.16.16  |  Censorship and Prior Restraint

A DJ has been charged with disorderly conduct for playing N.W.A.’s classic ‘F*ck tha Police’ while cops attempted to clear an overcrowded bar. More »

Is Donald Trump inciting violence? He might be.

0 Commentsby   |  03.16.16  |  Censorship and Prior Restraint

Source: Is Donald Trump inciting violence? He might be. More »

Nashville’s NewsChannel 5 Asks Judge To Dismiss DA’s Lawsuit

0 Commentsby   |  03.16.16  |  Libel

NewsChannel 5 has asked a judge to dismiss a $200 million libel lawsuit filed by Nashville DA Glenn Funk. More »

Waco judge rules Texas online impersonation law unconstitutional, violates First Amendment – Courts And Trials – Waco Trib

0 Commentsby   |  03.13.16  |  Free Speech

A McLennan County judge ruled that a law used to jail a man for posting nude photos of his ex-wife on bogus Facebook profiles is overly broad and unconstitutional. More »

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  1. As noted in the post, it is advocacy, though that doesn’t make it propaganda. Regardless of the source, it includes several of the stronger arguments against proposed net neutrality regulation. One of the challenges in addressing the concept is the lack of bias-free coverage of the subject, even at