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Big Tobacco to Spend Millions on Self-Critical Ads in U.S. – WSJ

0 Commentsby   |  10.03.17  |  Commercial Speech

Altria and British American Tobacco are set to begin running court-mandated TV and newspaper ads with messages about how deadly smoking is and how addictive cigarettes are. More »

Victory! Court rules cheerleaders can paint Bible verse banners | Fox News

0 Commentsby   |  10.01.17  |  Free Speech, student speech

The Court of Appeals for the Ninth District Court of Texas ruled late Thursday in favor of the Kountze cheerleaders – declaring the inspirational Bible verses painted on run-through banners are private speech. More » – No ‘journalistic privilege’

0 Commentsby   |  10.01.17  |  shield laws and the reporter's privilege

Many people who support these privileges say that they would be limited to “real” journalists. But who decides when a journalist is real? More »

Supreme Court kickoff: Trump agenda, union dues, Kennedy speculation | Fox News

0 Commentsby   |  10.01.17  |  Supreme Court

Source: Supreme Court kickoff: Trump agenda, union dues, Kennedy speculation | Fox News More »

Appeals Court: Rolling Stone Must Face Defamation Lawsuit Over Rape Story | Hollywood Reporter

0 Commentsby   |  09.19.17  |  Libel

The 2nd Circuit rules two UVA fraternity members have plausibly made claims how the story was “of and concerning” them while also accepting a group defamation theory. More »

PetaPizel: Photographers, Register Your D*mn Copyright

0 Commentsby   |  08.14.17  |  Copyright and Trademark

Photographer Max Dubler struck a nerve last week with an article documenting the theft of one of his downhill skateboarding images. More »

Los Angeles Bans Photos at Concerts in Public Park

0 Commentsby   |  08.14.17  |  Free Speech

JMC alum and Nashville photographer Bill Hobbs drew my attention to another case like this in Music City. Apparently, after Hobbs complained to the city about the unconstitutional restriction, event organizers removed the ban. More »

Richard Prince’s Loss Over Appropriated Art Gives Copyright Law Hope

0 Commentsby   |  08.14.17  |  Copyright and Trademark

A federal court rejected Richard Prince’s claim that his use of another artist’s work was so innovative, he shouldn’t have to go to trial for infringement. More »

Buc-ee’s trademark legal battle with Choke Canyon put on hold – Houston Chronicle

0 Commentsby   |  08.14.17  |  Copyright and Trademark

Buc-ee’s also has filed suit against Omaha, Nebraska-based Bucks, Frio River Grocery in Concan, Texas, (over it’s use of a Beaver mascot) and a half dozen others in recent years. More »

New York Times Editorial Writer Must Testify in Sarah Palin Lawsuit – The New York Times

0 Commentsby   |  08.14.17  |  Libel

A federal judge ruled that for him to decide on a motion filed by the The Times seeking the dismissal of a defamation suit filed by Ms. Palin, the writer must appear under oath. More »

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  1. As noted in the post, it is advocacy, though that doesn’t make it propaganda. Regardless of the source, it includes several of the stronger arguments against proposed net neutrality regulation. One of the challenges in addressing the concept is the lack of bias-free coverage of the subject, even at