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Texas Supreme Court: Companies Shielded from Defamation Claims for Statements in Internal Investigation Reports | The National Law Review

0 Commentsby   |  05.23.15  |  Free Speech

Last week, the Texas Supreme Court joined the majority of jurisdictions in holding that a company enjoys an absolute privilege when providing the Department of Justice (DOJ) with an internal investigation. More »

JK Rowling ‘vindicated’ over Mail article – BBC News

0 Commentsby   |  05.22.15  |  Free Speech

Author JK Rowling feels “fully vindicated and her reputation restored” after the Daily Mail’s apology to the author is read out in London’s High Court.

Source: JK Rowling ‘vindicated’ over Mail article – BBC News More »

UK Supreme Court OKs publication of sexual abuse memoir – Wire – The News & Advance

0 Commentsby   |  05.21.15  |  Free Speech

LONDON (AP) — Britain’s Supreme Court has ruled that a pianist may publish a memoir detailing sexual abuse he suffered as a child, despite his ex-wife’s privacy concerns. More »

Magna Carta podcast

0 Commentsby   |  05.19.15  |  British law, Europe

I listen to this podcast weekly, but this week, economist Russ Roberts is covering the Magna Carta in this hour-long interview. More »

US jury clears HBO of libel in India child labour story

0 Commentsby   |  05.10.15  |  Libel

Reuters NEW YORKA US jury cleared HBO of libel claims in a lawsuit brought against the Time Warner Inc subsidiary by a British sporting goods company over a report linking it to child labour in India.Mitre Sports International, a unit of the Pentland Group, sued HBO for defamation in October 2008 More »

Mike Leach lawsuit appeal rejected by Texas Supreme Court | FOX Sports

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Texas high court denies appeal in Mike Leach firing lawsuit

Source: Mike Leach lawsuit appeal rejected by Texas Supreme Court | FOX Sports More »

3-D gun printers sue feds over online instruction rights – Houston Chronicle

0 Commentsby   |  05.08.15  |  Free Speech, Internet speech, criminal libel

An Austin group is suing the U.S. State Department for the right to distribute instructions for making homemade handguns. More »

San Diego Man Suing MillerCoors Over False Advertising of Blue Moon Product Speaks With NBC7 | NBC 7 San Diego

0 Commentsby   |  05.07.15  |  Commercial Speech

Evan Parent claims MillerCoors deceived him by advertising their product, Blue Moon, as craft beer. More »

Lege tackles ‘upskirt’ law rewrite – San Antonio Express-News

0 Commentsby   |  04.28.15  |  Privacy, Right to Photography

Lege tackles ‘upskirt’ law rewrite – San Antonio Express-News. More »

Texas Senate passes libel protections for journalists

0 Commentsby   |  04.22.15  |  Libel, Texas Courts

Texas Senate passes libel protections for journalists. More »

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  1. As noted in the post, it is advocacy, though that doesn’t make it propaganda. Regardless of the source, it includes several of the stronger arguments against proposed net neutrality regulation. One of the challenges in addressing the concept is the lack of bias-free coverage of the subject, even at