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FCC votes to keep media ownership rules: report

0 Commentsby   |  08.15.16  |  Free Speech

The rules keep companies from owning both a broadcast station and a newspaper in a town. More »

California (unintentionally?) recriminalizes libel — and criminalizes disclosure of private facts, right of publicity infringements and more – The Washington Post

0 Commentsby   |  07.28.16  |  Libel, Privacy

California’s broadly written “identity theft” statute is being read to criminalize pretty much any intentional tort that uses a person’s name — including ones that no one had expected would be made criminal. More »

Michael Jackson’s Nephews File $100M Libel Suit Against ‘Radar Online’ Over ‘Sleazy’ Porn Allegations

0 Commentsby   |  07.28.16  |  Free Speech

Michael Jackson’s nephews are taking Radar Online to court over stories that allege they were sexually abused by their uncle and accepted gifts to cover it up, stemming from purported documents from a 2003 raid of Neverland Ranch. More »

Libel by implication, HIV and the porography industry

0 Commentsby   |  07.26.16  |  Libel

  More »

Bozeman legislator sues letter writer for defamation

0 Commentsby   |  07.26.16  |  Libel

The legislator will have to prove actual malice, of course. But the more significant challenge may be the substantial truth doctrine depending on how Montana courts apply it. More »

Rolling Stone libel suit over discredited rape article dismissed

0 Commentsby   |  07.01.16  |  Libel

A federal judge dismissed a libel suit against Rolling Stone brought by three members of a University of Virginia fraternity identified as the site of a gang rape in an article that has since been discredited. More »

Leonardo DiCaprio must testify in “Wolf of Wall Street” libel case


0 Commentsby   |  06.20.16  |  Libel

Leonardo DiCaprio must testify in “Wolf of Wall Street” libel case More »

U.S. justices reject challenge to protest ban on Supreme Court plaza

by   |  05.17.16  |  Free Speech

By Lawrence Hurley WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday rejected a challenge to a law that hits the justices close to home: a ban on protests on the marble plaza in front of the courthouse where they hear cases and issue rulings. The court left in place a 2015 ruling by the U.S. More »

Paul Robert Cohen and “his” Famous Free-Speech Case | Newseum Institute

by   |  05.04.16  |  Free Speech

This is a fascinating story about Paul Cohen, who’s jacket launched a thousand comm law discussions and one famous case. More »

U.S. Supreme Court to judge spirit of copyright law in cheerleading uniform case | Dallas Morning News

by   |  05.02.16  |  Free Speech

The U.S. Supreme Court agreed to use a clash between rival makers of cheerleading outfits to clarify the scope of federal copyright protection for pictures and graphic designs. More »

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  1. As noted in the post, it is advocacy, though that doesn’t make it propaganda. Regardless of the source, it includes several of the stronger arguments against proposed net neutrality regulation. One of the challenges in addressing the concept is the lack of bias-free coverage of the subject, even at