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Magazine Must Face ‘Welfare Queen’ Libel Claims

0 Commentsby   |  03.22.17  |  Libel

The Texas Supreme Court rejected a Dallas magazine’s bid to dismiss a lengthy battle over defamation claims brought by a woman it referred to as a “welfare queen” in a 2013 article. More »

Trump’s Supreme Court Nominee Cites His Decision in A&E Case in Query Over Libel Laws

0 Commentsby   |  03.22.17  |  Libel

Neil Gorsuch was asked at Tuesday’s Senate confirmation hearing whether he agreed with the precedent for libel and defamation. More »

Businesses oppose legislation limiting public information exemptions

0 Commentsby   |  02.28.17  |  Open Government

Businesses opposed SB 407 and SB 408 at a public hearing, arguing that open records requests could put them at a competitive disadvantage. More »

Supreme Court considers North Carolina law restricting Internet access by sex offenders | McClatchy DC

0 Commentsby   |  02.27.17  |  prior restraint

The Supreme Court on Monday hears oral argument in a case brought by Durham, N.C. resident Lester G. Packingham Jr. challenging a North Carolina law restricting Internet access by registered sex offenders. More »

Judge blocks California law limiting publication of actors’ ages

0 Commentsby   |  02.27.17  |  Free Speech

The case was brought by IMDb, the move site. More »

The Seven Ws of Content-Based Restriction

0 Commentsby   |  02.21.17  |  Free Speech

Attorney Mark Bennett, the Houston-based author of this blog, spoke to Comm Law last semester about his appellate advocacy that has led to the invalidation of several criminal statutes on First Amendment grounds. What he’s written on his blog today is a great reminder of the state of the law. More »

Analysis | One newspaper in Colorado is standing up to charges of ‘fake news’

0 Commentsby   |  02.15.17  |  Free Speech

A possible lawsuit could test the definition of the most overused phrase in Trump-era politics. More »

Time to end partisan judicial selection – San Antonio Express-News

0 Commentsby   |  02.13.17  |  Free Speech

For years, reformers labored mightily to win approval of a proposed constitutional amendment to institute a merit selection system that would feature the gubernatorial appointment of judges, followed by an up-or-down retention election for succeeding terms. More »

New FCC chair vows to shrink industry regulations

0 Commentsby   |  02.13.17  |  FCC, net neutrality

By David Shepardson WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The new Republican chairman of the U.S. Federal Communications Commission, Ajit Pai, vowed to pare back outdated commission regulations, but declined to say if he will move quickly to overturn the Obama administration’s landmark net neutrality rules. One More »

Songwriters group wants payments from South Padre Island beach bar – KTXS

0 Commentsby   |  02.05.17  |  Copyright and Trademark

The biggest beach bar in Texas is being sued by an association that represents songwriters and publishers complaining they haven’t been paid for their songs played or performed there. More »

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  1. As noted in the post, it is advocacy, though that doesn’t make it propaganda. Regardless of the source, it includes several of the stronger arguments against proposed net neutrality regulation. One of the challenges in addressing the concept is the lack of bias-free coverage of the subject, even at