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Grits for Breakfast: On the limits of tuff-on-crime ideology at the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals

by   |  03.23.18  |  Free Speech

Source: Grits for Breakfast: On the limits of tuff-on-crime ideology at the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals More »

Disney attempts to dethrone rival princess trademark registration

by   |  03.15.18  |  Free Speech

Disney has opposed a princess-related trademark registration, claiming that the mark would create a likelihood of confusion. More »

Historical Supreme Court Cases Now Online | Library of Congress

by   |  03.15.18  |  Free Speech

More than 225 years of Supreme Court decisions acquired by the Library of Congress are now publicly available online – free to access in a page image format for the first time. The Library has made available more than 35,000 cases that were published in the printed bound editions of United States Reports (U.S. Reports).United States Reports is a series of bound case reporters that are the official reports of decisions for the United States Supreme Court dating to the court’s first decision in 1791 and to earlier courts that preceded the Supreme Court in the colonial era. The Library’s new online collection offers access to individual cases published in volumes 1-542 of the bound edition. This collection of Supreme Court cases is fully searchable. Filters allow users More »

8 ways college student views on free speech are evolving

by   |  03.12.18  |  Free Speech

As college campuses across the United States grapple with questions surrounding the power and limits of free expression, a new Gallup-Knight More »

Remaining Vigilant in Protecting Free Speech on College Campuses – Jackson Walker

by   |  03.01.18  |  Free Speech

In College Republicans, the student group applied to the University of Washington to use Red Square for the appearance of Patriot Prayer leader Joey Gibson. More »

From gamer trash talk to criminal indictment, teen finally going to court |

by   |  02.12.18  |  Free Speech

If he were to be convicted on the felony charge, the punishment range for Carter is up to 10 years in prison and up to a $10,000 fine. More »

Case targeting Texas’ statewide elections of judges goes to trial today | The Texas Tribune

by   |  02.12.18  |  Free Speech

A trial starting Monday in federal court will test Texas’ nearly 150-year-old system of statewide elections to the state’s two highest courts. More »

Question Mark Clears James Woods in Twitter Libel Case

by   |  01.26.18  |  Free Speech

In a ruling that hinged on the actor’s use of a question mark, a federal judge rejected claims that James Woods defamed an Ohio woman by identifying her on Twitter as a Bernie Sanders “agitator” wh… More »

Starbucks Appeals TTAB Decision | Klemchuk LLP

by   |  01.21.18  |  Free Speech

Examining attorney rejects Starbucks trademark after finding differences in the submitted trademark application

and specimen. More »

Texas blogger ‘La Gordiloca’ arrested on two felony counts | Daily Mail Online

by   |  01.21.18  |  Free Speech

Priscilla Villarreal, 32, a Texas news blogger known as ‘La Gordiloca,’ has been charged with felony counts of misuse of official information for revealing the name of a suicide victim. More »