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Remaining Vigilant in Protecting Free Speech on College Campuses – Jackson Walker

by   |  03.01.18  |  Free Speech

In College Republicans, the student group applied to the University of Washington to use Red Square for the appearance of Patriot Prayer leader Joey Gibson. More »

From gamer trash talk to criminal indictment, teen finally going to court |

by   |  02.12.18  |  Free Speech

If he were to be convicted on the felony charge, the punishment range for Carter is up to 10 years in prison and up to a $10,000 fine. More »

Case targeting Texas’ statewide elections of judges goes to trial today | The Texas Tribune

by   |  02.12.18  |  Free Speech

A trial starting Monday in federal court will test Texas’ nearly 150-year-old system of statewide elections to the state’s two highest courts. More »

Question Mark Clears James Woods in Twitter Libel Case

by   |  01.26.18  |  Free Speech

In a ruling that hinged on the actor’s use of a question mark, a federal judge rejected claims that James Woods defamed an Ohio woman by identifying her on Twitter as a Bernie Sanders “agitator” wh… More »

Starbucks Appeals TTAB Decision | Klemchuk LLP

by   |  01.21.18  |  Free Speech

Examining attorney rejects Starbucks trademark after finding differences in the submitted trademark application

and specimen. More »

Texas blogger ‘La Gordiloca’ arrested on two felony counts | Daily Mail Online

by   |  01.21.18  |  Free Speech

Priscilla Villarreal, 32, a Texas news blogger known as ‘La Gordiloca,’ has been charged with felony counts of misuse of official information for revealing the name of a suicide victim. More »

Top 10 Libel Lawsuits from 2017 – iMediaEthics

by   |  01.21.18  |  Free Speech

Throughout the year, iMediaEthics has reported on numerous libel lawsuits and claims. The following is a round-up of ten noteworthy and important libel law More »

3-D Printed Guns May Be Headed to the Supreme Court: An Update – Lawfare

by   |  01.21.18  |  Free Speech

The Supreme Court is considering a cert petition on the constitutional implications of 3-D printed guns. More »

Second Circuit Sides With Albany Food Truck in Speech Restriction Suit | New York Law Journal

by   |  01.21.18  |  Free Speech

The Wandering Dago’s state and federal free speech rights were violated when state officials blocked it from participating in a vendor program solely because it used ethnic slurs in its branding the appellate panel ruled. More »

The State’s Revenge-Porn Arguments, Part 1: Is it Speech? – Defending People

by   |  01.21.18  |  Free Speech

Source: The State’s Revenge-Porn Arguments, Part 1: Is it Speech? – Defending People More »