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Ky. bill aims to protect student press

by   |  01.26.09  |  Current Events, prior restraint, student speech

Kentucky bill aims to protect student press. More »

Women’s shelter cuts Bernhard after gang-rape line

by   |  10.01.08  |  prior restraint

Another celebrity silenced! More »

Unmuzzling High School Journalists

by   |  01.14.08  |  prior restraint

New Jersey Supreme Court to Decide If Town Can Display Super-Sized Inflatable Rat

by   |  09.14.07  |  Commercial Speech, prior restraint

Scabby the Rat has gone to court elsewhere and usually won at the appeals level. The issue here is advertising regulations.

Politics and speech

by   |  01.30.07  |  prior restraint

UCLA Professor Eugene Volokh often has an unconventional view on the legal issues. His blog is one of my favorites. More »

District: Student paper policy not followed

by   |  01.14.07  |  prior restraint, student speech

This story was in The Brazosport Facts, where I first worked after I graduated from ACU. It doesn’t explain why the newspaper didn’t go before the principal before it was published. More »